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Black and white pudding

They carry both at The Butcher's Block in Annapolis.

Split Top (New England) Hot Dog Buns

Wegmans! That's where I always find them and was very glad when they moved into the region. Hot dogs and lobster rolls just aren't the same without them.

Blue Dolphin Bar & Grille in Crofton

I went there tonight and had a great meal with friendly and efficient service. My friend had a Porterhouse steak (Wednesday night is Steak Night - a wide variety of cuts for $12.95) and I had the crabcake platter. Two sides with each gives you plenty as they don't skimp on portions here. Nice, upscale family dining with a menu that provides something for everyone. Don't miss out on the baklava - delish!

Where do you go for a great salad?

Which restaurants have terrific salads in the Columbia, MD and surrounding areas? I'm running out of ideas aside from The Cheesecake Factory and Mimi's Cafe and when the weather is hot a nice cool salad hits the spot. Even better if they have a good French Onion Soup too. Help!