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2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Cafe Taste ( 1330 Queen St West (@ Brock St.)
is closing October 17. To be taken over by a new restaurant.

Murphy's Beer Wanted in Toronto!

You'll never find it in bottles or cans. The only 2 places that I can remember having it ('cause I preferred it to Guinness) were Betty's (no longer) and The Horseshoe. I haven't been to the Horseshoe in a while so I can't verify its existence there.

Sampling at Queen's Quay LCBO

Funny you should mention it. I was in there last week and wanted to try the Connemara 12. I was very surprised at the sample size - it gave me a nice buzz as I shopped for beer!
And the Connemara is excellent.

Best burgers

I tried the burger at Speedy Burger (on Queen E. at the DVP) last week and it was delicious. Big (more pancake than hockey puck) home made and juicy, soft bun. The usual toppings but Mr. Speedy will fry the onions for you if you ask. A steal at less than $4.
It should be called Seedy Burger 'cause it's not much to look at but everything I've had there has been great and very inexpensive.

Best cocktails and martinis in GTA

To be honest I've only eaten there once and it was fries(!) Still, they were pretty good. Overall, I've really been impressed with the place. I find the staff to be super-friendly, and there's good choices for beer, wine and liquor. Cool decor in a loungey\pub kinda way, and so far the clientele are friendly and unpretentious. They'll be opening an upstairs patio in the summer which will rock, I'm sure. Check it out!

Best cocktails and martinis in GTA

I don't get the manhattan in a martini glass either. We had some manhattans at The Adelaide St. Pub on Saturday (very good - very boozy) but not one in a rocks glass.

Rolling Rock Beer

Yes, The Beer Store carries a poor selection of beer, but then again it's not Canadian-owned, so they don't care. If you bothered going to a good LCBO (Queen's Quay, for example) you would see plenty of excellent American beer (Anchor, Southern Tier, Rogue) and thankfully no Rolling Rock, which is shite. The LCBO also carries many good Ontario microbrews that blow RR out of the water.

Toronto breweries

If you don't mind venturing a little further afield, Black Oak brewery is in Oakville,( as is Cameron's. ( A really interesting jaunt is the Neustadt Springs Brewery, in Neustadt Ont. ( All of them brew excellent beer.