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Some London schooling on curry, please

Houston hound. I posted to one of your other questions regarding dish recommendations. If you have the time. Look up an indian place near you in Houston and check out what they have. You will find most of what they serve is what you will run across in the UK. Good luck

Nov 24, 2008
Red and Judy in U.K./Ireland

Some London schooling on curry, please

Houston hound. I live in Kerrville Texas. My wife is from the UK. Have been going over there for yrs. For the beginner. I would recommend starting off easy with some Samosa's for Apps. Pakora or Bahgi are just fired things. Try them. Onion Bahgi= (Indian Version of onion rings) Chicken Pakora = Fried chicken. I like veggie Samosas. For main course. The masala dishes=creamy a little heat, Madras dishes med . If you like it spicey you can go Vidaloo but be careful its sometimes hotter than our Tex-Mex dishes. Get a mango shake after dinner. At the begining of your meal you will get Popadoms a thin flat chip the size of a pancake. Its good to dip in the various sauces and chutneys that come along with it. Tamarind sauce, onion, and cilantro chutney are my 3 favorite. Keep intouch I have some indian food receipes I make when I am back home in Texas. They have always been a crowd pleaser. Good luck. I will be in the UK starting Dec 5th.

Nov 24, 2008
Red and Judy in U.K./Ireland


Opium Den in Swansea. Owner Tac. Great food, atmoshpere, price good as well. In city centre. Carpenters Arms in Clydach. Great pub and pub food, also good music scene on weekends and friendly locals.

Dec 08, 2006
Red and Judy in U.K./Ireland

Atlanta recommendations?

If you like indian. In an area called Smyrna. Its xit 15 on 285 west. Swapna. Very good food great atmoshpere. Get your favorit entree with Thali dinner. Your entree will come with about 5 or 6 little cups of extras various sauces, dips and appetizers. Not very expensive. Also you should do the Varsity once. Old style car hop diner you can also eat inside. Front Page news downtown. Great vibe food not to bad. I am working in Atlanta till mid nov. If you want get intouch we can meet for a drink, food or both. Red and Judy

Corpus Christi Seafood

Joe's is a national chain. Water street seafood good choice. Right next door Executive Surf Club also great food but a little more grilled chic, burger, veggie burger. Great surf theme

Aug 16, 2006
Red and Judy in Texas

Recommendations on the Hill?

Modesto Spanish Tapas. It is brilliant. I know the hill is known for its Italian but this is worth the visit. On monday they have flaminco dancers sometimes wednesday. If you can check and go on that night. You will enjoy it no matter what. Plus my wife and I went ate and drank all we wanted and the bill was around 55, 60 tops. I do not have the address. Modesto is a popular place. If taking a cab or hotel shuttle they will know where it is, or just get to the area and ask. The hill is not that big. Enjoy

Dinner in Rapid City

The Colonial house. Best restaurant in town. Old style family food. Great breakfast. I recomend the pork chops. They say cooked on the grill but they mean grittle. Those chops remind me of grandma's. I ate breakfast there bacon,patty sausage, pancakes and amerian fries. I call them soft fries. A little crisp on the outside but soft. I think its on Mt Rushmore Rd. You can probably ask someone or look in the phone book. Hope this helps. I guarantee you will like it

Columbia, MO.........

I would stay at the holiday inn. Its inexpensive and a cheap cab ride to down town. Fine dinning there is a place right smack dab down town it is a bar/restaurant in the lobby of a hotel. It looked a bit pricey. My wife and I at there food was good. Just up the street there is an indian food restaurant as well. For some late night fun. Try the eastside tavern. Its theme is Sci-fi,horror Rock n roll and cheap booze. I will try and get some more info for ya. good luck "Red"

Elkhart Indiana

If your ever in Elkhart Indiana. Go to Callahans. It is just off the 80/90 toll road on Hwy 19. Its about 1 mile south on the right. Its a great diner. Looks alot like a Perkins or Dennys inside but tons of great food. I would recommend the Grecian Pork Chops. There portions are huge and the prices are low. My wife and I had and entree and split it. The whole bill was 11 bucks. It can't be beat. Enjoy

Chapel Hill: Tandoor

Make it yourself. Go to Wright Way books website and get the how to make Restaurant quality Indain food at home. My friend from Birmingham England the (Curry Capital) of the world outside of India itself gave me a copy for Christmas a few years ago. I use it all the time and my friends thank Im the business. Good luck if you read this

Pembroke/Laugharne (Wales) recommendations?

The Opium Den. Owned by and old friend named Tac. Great chinese.

Jul 12, 2006
Red and Judy in U.K./Ireland

Fredericksburg and Kerrville

Rails is bang on the owners have became friends of my wife and I. Welfare cafe great, also try the Waring general store. Go on wednesday nights that is steak night. Its a town gathering the whole small town comes out its like a bbq and barn dance they have a band its about $20 for food all you can eat apps, salad and desert. Fransicos is great as well they have a little jazz quartet that plays thurs-sat. All the above post are quite accurate.

Jul 12, 2006
Red and Judy in Texas

Mankato, MN & Sioux City,IA

Talk to me people?????

DUBAI- chow suggestions in city or airport?

Irish Village in the airport

Dubai hints?

Irish Village in the airport.

Places in Wales

Clydach- Carpenters Arms. Great place good food. Really involved in local community as well as live bands on weekends. Rich is a great landlord and a nice person. Go there everytime Im in Wales.

Jul 11, 2006
Red and Judy in U.K./Ireland