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Caesar Dressing

It always makes me laugh when the one thing people leave out of Ceasar Salad is the anchovies. Without them what are you left with?

May 10, 2010
giordano56 in Recipes

Green Herb Infusion

Very "green" tasting, but unusually refreshing. I do wonder about the 5 mustard seeds. Would 7 or 8 mustard seeds really make a difference?

Jan 11, 2009
giordano56 in Recipes

Do wedding cakes ever taste good?

It depends on where you are located. I'm Deleware, and like you, I make everything from scratch with swiss buttercream and fresh fruit filling I start at $3.75 a slice, if it's fondant (and I use a high end fondant, not the cheap Wilton stuff) I charge $5.00 a slice. The prices may seem steep, but there are not additional fees for set, delivery, and every cake is custom designed. I am fully booked for the season.

Apr 10, 2008
giordano56 in General Topics

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

My mother use to make something from left over ham that was awful-Diced ham canned pineapple, and LOTS of brown sugar. It put me off any sort fruit with meat for the reat of my life!

Apr 10, 2008
giordano56 in General Topics