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Prawns with Candied Walnuts

Try Howard Wang's China Grill in Dallas-very good food :)

China Grill
1001 Woodhaven Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76112

Where to find good Cochinita Pibil in Dallas?

Thanks-I'm looking for something authenic-Austin seems to have a lot more authenic Mexican food places where in Dallas it's all Tex-Mex or under fancy versions of brunch.

Where to find good Cochinita Pibil in Dallas?

Cannot make it down to Fonda San Miguel in Austin till September-does anyone know of any Dallas area places that serve Cochinita Pibil? I heard Maximo's in North Dallas has it on their Monday lunch special and Sunday brunch-has anyone tried it there? Anyone know of any other places in DFW that serves it?

Asian Mint???

Try one of the three "Jasmine" locations in Plano or "Banana Leaf" in Dallas on Preston Rd. near the Plano area-both are far better and cheaper than Asian Mint.


We tried out the Richardson location a few weeks ago, honestly, we were not impressed. The beef was bland, the shrimp tacos were almost inedible. Sorry, I'm waiting for Torchy's Tacos to open their first Dallas location in a few weeks-their tacos at their Austin area locations are quite amazing.

Breakfast in Plano

Try the weekend Brunch at the Filmore Pub in Downtown Plano on 15th-their Kaluha French Toast is amazing. Their Bruch Menu is only served on Sat & Sun starting at 10:30am-very good Breakfast choices :)

Sushi Awaji Korean BBQ Grill in Plano-Has anyone been?

Has anyone been to Sushi Awaji Korean BBQ Grill in Plano at Park? I wan to try it out but cannot find a menu or website? Has anyone been there? Thanks :)

Glen Rose

Hammond's BBQ in Glen Rose is really good BBQ-almost like East Texas style Q-check out the chopped brisket and sausage :)

Seafood Shack

They also have a drive thru for fast services-great fried catfish and shrimp.

Great Mexican in Plano

Gotta agree wit you RobbnTX-Ojedas is Plano is simply terrible. For good Tex-Mex in Plano, try El Norte .

Great Mexican in Plano

La Paloma on Ave. K has amazing Torta sandwiches-try the Hawaiian with their homemade hot sauces-they also have a drive thru.

Best Oyster Po Boy

Dat The Saints !!!! GO SAINTS !!!!

Best Oyster Po Boy

I gotaa agree with the "Big Easy" in Plano-best Cajun/Creole food in the DFW area hands down. All of their Po-Boys are great-try the "Special" and the "Italian Special". We are actually getting catering there for our Super Bowl Party-GEAUX SAINTS :)

Best Sandwich in Dallas

The "Italian Special" at the Big Easy in Plano, TX-hands down, best sandwich I've had :)
talian Special
Smoked ham, hard salami, meatballs,
provolone and parmesan cheese, onions
and tomato gravy on Italian bread.

Where's your favorite fried seafood served in the Dallas area.

There is a little hole in the wall place on Webbs Chapel called "The Seafood Shack"-great fried catfsh and shrimp-amazing seasoning. Cheap, Cheap, and Great Food. They also have a drive-thru. It is next to "Two Guys from Italy". This place is not fancy but the food is amazing :)

Chicken and Waffles in DFW

Does anyone know of any places that serve Chicken and Waffles together in the DFW area? Can't take a trip to Roscoe's in LA right now so I'd like to find some in my own city :)

Urban Crust - Plano

A group of friends and I went there for the first time last night and LOVED IT !!!!. Had the Antipasto Platter, Sangria, The Quattro Formaggi Pizza, and a Sausage/Truffle Oil, Carmalized Onion Pizza. The Sangria is the best I've had in DFW nd you MUST order the carmalized onions on any pizza you get. Great addition to Downtown Plano-I'll be back :)

LOCKHART BBQ is starting to slide downhill

We went to Lockhart for the first time last week during a Hill Country Trip. I loved Black's-the brisket, turkey, and sausage were great. I honestly do not know what the big deal is with Kreuz-not bad, but nothing outstanding. I would go to Black's, Louie Mueller's, the Salt Lick, Cooper's, and even Rudy's anyday before I'd go back to Kreuz. Stanley's BBQ in Tyler, TX and Hammond's BBQ in Glen Rose, TX were better than Kreuz in my opinion.

Sep 15, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Best BBQ - Tyler TX?

On a trip down to Jefferson, TX two weeks ago, we stopped off at Stanley's BBQ in Tyler-we must have caught them on a good day because the food was excellent. The Brother-In-Law Sandwich and the Potato Salad were so good. I'd drive the 2 hours there from Plano to go get some of the BBQ again some weekend-plan on driving a little extra next time I go to First MondayTrade Days in Canton to stop by Stanley's for lunch.

Aug 27, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Best Barbecue Only You Know About...

My husband and I were at a Corporate Retreat in Glen Rose, TX over the weekend and discovered Hammond's BBQ-pretty damn good BBQ, especially the chopped brisket and hot links. This is more "East Texas" style BBQ-not the stuff you find in Central TX (which we are both big fans of) but it really surprised us how good it was.

If you are ever in the Glen Rose, Granbury, Stephenville area-check it out :)

Aug 11, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Best BBQ - Tyler TX?

How is Stanley's BBQ in Tyler? I am going there for the first time later this week-anyone have recommendations on what to order?

Aug 11, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Hooray for Ham's Orchard in Terrell, TX

In this day and age, not many Mom & Pop outfits survive, but if you ever find yourself in East Texas between May-August you must stop here at Ham's Orchard:

Best Peach Ice Cream in the State and the freshest produce-My Mom still lives in Terrell and this is a must stop anytime I visit her. Try the fresh made fudge too-YUMMY !!!! This like Czech Stop in West, TX is a must stop anytime you are in the area-trust me, it's worth the drive :)

Jul 13, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

L&L BBQ in Plano/Frisco TX

Has anyone been there yet? Can anyone recommend the best things on the menu?

Anyone in Rockwall, TX-Is "Boot's Burger" Still Open

I found it: 701 Austin St. To get there, take State Highway 66 north and then east from the downtown area, then make a left onto Austin. A couple of blocks down on the left, you'll come upon a little Connecticut-blue house sitting in front of a little Connecticut-blue shack. The sign in front of the shack says it all: "Boots Burgers/No eating on the premises." Boots Burgers is open from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Prices range from $2.20 for a regular hamburger to $4 for a double with cheese. Packaged chips can be purchased separately, and there is a soda machine on the premises. Tips are always appreciated. To phone in an order, call 972-722-5802.

May 21, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Suggestions for Canton Trade Days?

The best "whole in the wall" food is this tiny taco place on Hwy. 19-I believe it is called "Parilla Tacos"-it is located right next to the Paul Michael Home Furnishing store. These are the best tacos I've ever had in the whole North/East Texas area-second only to "Torchy's Taco's" down in Austin. The Beef Fajita and Barbacoa tacos are out of this world-they also give you grilled onions, jalapeno's, fresh limes, and a killer sauce to go with them. I have been going to First Monday for 20 years-believe me, this is the best place in Canton for great vendor style tacos :)

FYI: My Mom lives in Terrell and I visit her often-there are no good places to eat there. Trust me-the are medicore at best. In fact, we will drive to Canton to pick up the Parilla tacos. If you want a burger in Canton, the Dairy Palace is a good choice-a better choice is the "East Texas Burger Company" in downtown Mineola.

May 17, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Good Place for Breakfast in Wimberley/New Braunfels/San Marcos

Can someone recommend a good place for breakfast in this Hill Country area? Two of our favorite Breakfast places are gone; The Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley closed down and the New Braunfels Smokehouse no longer serves Breakfast. Any good suggestions for a full breakfast or good breakfast tacos? We will be down in that area in a few weeks.

Apr 26, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Gruene Texas

The Gruene Haus Gormet Store is located on the right side of the GristMill-it is housed in that tiny antique cottage next to the Gristmill. I've heard Liberty Bistro in downtown New Braunfels is really good-I must try that soon. Also check out Naeglin's bakery in Downtown New Braunfels-the best "Chocolate Cream Puffs" in the world.

If you are visiting the Texas Hill Country-take some time and explore Wimberley Texas-it is a beautiful little village with some eclectic shops and breath taking landscapes. They have some great vacation rentals there too-private cabins to full-scale vacation homes :)

Apr 18, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Gruene Texas

Gruene Texas is a magical little town-one of my favorite places in the entire world. My husband and I were married in the Texas Hill Country in Sept. 2007 and we had our rehearsal dinner at The Gristmill-another great dining option in Gruene-beautiful views of the Guadalupe River, amazing ribs. Try Janie's Table for a quick bite-really good for a quick meal. We also love the Grapevine Wine Shop and the Gruene Haus Gourmet Food store. We are looking forward to our trip down there in May :)

Apr 15, 2009
shannydiva in Texas

Ricky Ray's BBQ Plano

Try Rudy's Country Store BBQ in Frisco :)

Twisted Root - Richardson

We had lunch at the Richardson location today-Fabulous food. Make sure to try the Sweet Potato Chips, Western Burger, and Blue Cheese/Buffalo Sauce Burger.