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Wedding cakes

Furin's in Georgetown did our cake and it was delicious. I don't remember the exact pricing, but it was substantially less that other places we considered.

Restaurants/Food shopping in Avon, NC

The family is gearing up for a weekend in the Outer Banks (yay!). We're in a beach house and will be doing a lot of cooking ourselves, but does anyone know of some decent restaurants down there? Also, are there any good grocery shops----esp. places to buy fresh fish? Thanks in advance!

Hatteras, NC dining

I know that the Outer Banks isn't a culinary mecca, but can anyone recommend some good restaurants near Hatteras or Avon? (We're heading there for a week in Aug. and plan to do most of our own cooking, but I'd like to have a few restaurant options ready).

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Agree that the food can be hit and miss at Ragtime, but sometimes have great live music. I caught a band there recently called One Ton Won Ton that really rocked the house.

But I digress, food-wise in I like Sakana in Courthouse; Taqueria el Poblano and Oriental Gourmet in the Harrison-Lee strip mall; Layalina in Ballston (though that gets expensive because we order so many mezze); Listranis (but we usually get it delivered) and Jetty's in Upper Georgetown for weekend lunches on a picnic bench.

Indigo Landing?

Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to it. My husband is excited too. Sometimes he gets a bit irritated at the pretensions of DC restaurants, but he's pumped that we get to eat in the Spy Museum! Will report back after the meal.

Indigo Landing?

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I just made reservations at Zola and afterwards checked the Post review. Guess what---according to the Post, that's where IL's former chef is now! Coincidence!

Indigo Landing?

Thanks so much---this is really helpful. I think I will cancel the reservations and try elsewhere.

Night out for new parents

My husband and I are planning a rare night out without the baby and want to try someplace new. Looking for someplace in VA or DC that is upscale casual (not too pricey). Almost any cuisine is fine. Some of our favorite places include Chef Geoff's, Layalina, Ardeo, and Komi (though Komi's too expensive for us right now.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Indigo Landing?

I just made reservations at Indigo Landing for a rare night out with my husband. (We just had a baby). I'm nervous as I just saw some really negative user reviews on the Post. Can anyone share their experience there? If it's not good, could you offer alternative suggestions? I was also considering Bazin's on Church and Del Merei.