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Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

There's a large lot on Dundas across from the old Lakeview Diner (currently closed). That's just east of Ossington, on the south side.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

Correct. I just got back and the place is excellent. I did a tour of Naples pizzerias last winter and this place is producing pizza just as the good places there in Naples do.

Worth a visit.

Ella's Uncle(Discovered this place yesterday)

Yes, quite a bit east of Ossingtom ... at Manning or thereabouts.

FREESTONE PEACHES...Are they available now?

Yes, freestone peaches are now on sale in Ontario. I have a basket of them in the 'fridge right now; picked up at Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesday,

ISO Fresh Whole Trout

Thanks. Might take a trip out to the dominion. And I'll be off to t&t some day soon - it looks like (from seeing their web site) an interesting place.

ISO Fresh Whole Trout

In Search Of...

I just moved back to (downtown) Toronto from Spain and I'm reacquainting myself with the availability of products here. Some stuff that I could buy every day, fresh, I'm having trouble finding - fresh or frozen.

This week's search is for fresh, whole, trout. Note: Going fishing on the weekend and snagging a few on my own is not a viable option (I don't tend to catch what I'm fishing for).

I've been through all of Kensington Market and all up the west part of downtown. Before hoofing it over to St Lawrence Market I was wondering if fresh whole trout is, in fact sold by anyone in town at all.
Then, next week, I'll be looking for sole.