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St Germain's Elderflower Liquor: how to prolong life?

I just read that the makers of the St Germain suggest finishing an opened bottle within 6 months. We do not drink enough of it for that to be feasible--any thoughts on how to keep it optimal? Let it live its life in the fridge? Vacuum seal it?

Feb 05, 2010
kiarrith in Spirits

Looking for reasonably priced lunch this Saturday in Chelsea

Specifically, 6th ave between 16th-18th sts or 7th ave between 16th-18th sts. A dear friend has some difficulty with her knee, and thus our mobility is limited.

Hoping for lunches under $10, but would consider up to $12.


Jan 22, 2010
kiarrith in Manhattan

Overcooked angelhair pasta--any use?

So due to some bad planning on my part, I now have 2 lbs of overcooked angelhair pasta. No good for italian food, but my husband thought maybe I could use it in a fried noodle stirfry, does anyone think this is a doable thing?
Any other thoughts for it?

Aug 10, 2009
kiarrith in Home Cooking

How much food to make per person in buffet style lunch?

ah, well, buffet style: dips[3 or 4 different kinds]/chips/sliced veggies/cheese/crackers/, some pasta salad of some type {either quinoa or couscous methinks}, possibly some savory muffins, hummus/babaganouj/pita/tabbouleh, some bean salad...and some cookies and two kinds of cupcakes for dessert. [typical punch and wine for drinks]...
I had been thinking to make roughly 1/3-1/4 cup per person of most, about 8 cups of most things--maybe a bit less for the dips and a bit more for the salads. But thought I'd ask people who would know instead of guessing ;)

Jun 19, 2009
kiarrith in General Topics

How much food to make per person in buffet style lunch?

Out of curiosity, how much would one think should be made per person when planning a light lunch buffet style meal for 26 people [counting me and the groom, 18, but somehow I doubt we'll find the time to eat much]?

Jun 18, 2009
kiarrith in General Topics

Request for make-ahead recipes for serving room temp, buffet style...


I'm trying to do food for my wedding...only 26 people, so it should not be insane. Also, only a light lunch.

I want to do it vegetarian, simple, and things that can be served at room temperature...Any thoughts?
What kind of veggie dips have people had good luck with in the past? [dips for veggies or dips for chips...]
Also, anyone have a fool proof baba ghanouj recipe? I've tried 3 or 4, and have failed each time sadly...
Or a truly amazing chickpea or somesuch salad?

Thanks in advance =)

Jun 18, 2009
kiarrith in Home Cooking

Westchester shoppes with vintage port? or NYC?

Some friends and I are going in together to get a bottle of 1977 (we have been hoping for Smith-Woodhouse as we've heard great reviews) port to drink in honor of our 30th birthdays and ring in the new year...
However so far I'm having a difficult time finding a shop that has a bottle.

Anyone know of stores in NYC or Westchester that often have a good selection of vintage port?

Westchester slightly preferred ;)


Dec 15, 2008
kiarrith in Wine

What kind of flours?

I am new to baking and want to get a medium sized order from Bob's Red Mill's website...a dear friend of mine does not eat gluten, and I'm looking to do more whole grain breads...

What kinds of items/flours/etc. would you recommend I purchase?



Apr 08, 2008
kiarrith in Home Cooking

Foraging for wild edibles & ramps in New Rochelle?

Hey guys--

I went out to Nature Study Woods today hoping to find some tasty snacks...I was especially hoping for some ramps--wild leeks.

However, all I found were skunk cabbages...I did not wander in too far as I was on a schedule, but I wonder if someone has some good spots in/near New Rochelle for harvesting ramps and other tasty wild greens?