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Dinner near Kennedy Center?

clarification: it's Burger, Tap and Shake and it's right next door to District Commons.

Irish guy posted for 6 weeks in Alexandria VA

For pizza in Alexandria proper, I'd say either Red Rocks or Pizzeria Paradiso, both on King Street in Old Town. I like Taqueria Poblano on Mt. Vernon Ave in the Del Ray neighborhood for reasonably good Mexican. Other people like Los Tios, just a couple blocks further north on Mt. Vernon for Mexican in that neighborhood.

There are a lot of very good restaurants in Alexandria, and it's easy to get into DC or Arlington for even more choices.

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

I'm pretty sure Virtue has undergone in change in ownership as well. Cathal Armstrong and co. is no longer involved -- which would explain the menu change. It looks totally uninteresting now. Just what we needed: another generic American "tavern" down on the water. Blah.

Artisan chocolate in the District?

The ACKC in the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria is still open -- if you're willing to leave the DC.

Crystal City Visit, end of February

With a car, you may want to consider the short drive to Alexandria where you will have significantly more options for lunch and two cupcake places (Lavender Moon on Royal Street and Alexandria Cupcakes on King Street).

Good DC bar/ lounge for a pseudo-interview?

I think the bar at Fireflies on New Hampshire Ave just below Dupont Circle would be a nice place for something like this. Depending on the time you're meeting, street parking could be a challenge.

Birthday dining experience

I just had dinner at The Source on Sunday night. I wonder if it was open only because of the holiday and the fact that there was an inaugural ball at the Newseum that night.

Best Duck in Downtown DC?

I really, really liked the roast duck "low and slow" at DC Commons on Washington Circle.

Disclaimer: it's been almost a year since I had it.

Come on Man... or, I Don't Get It...

When was the last time I Ricchi was praised? I mean it must be decades now. How that place is still open is one of the great mysteries of our time.

apple cider donuts

There's a stand with apple cider donuts every Saturday at the Del Ray Farmers Market in Alexandria. And they sell those donuts at St. Elmos coffee pub on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Del Ray too. As to the cider itself, You can certainly get that at the farmers market, but I don't know about the coffee shop.

Boston hound, coming to DC and Alexandria...

Bombay Curry Company is closed. The building it was in has been gutted, There was talk of the restaurant moving to a new location down Mt. Vernon Ave. But it hasn't happened yet.

Italian Food near Westin Alexandria

Second (or third) a la Lucia, and would also add Geranio on King Street to your options.

Fresh Chanterelles in NoVa/DC??

Maybe the mushroom lady at the Courthouse farmers market on Saturday.

Fresh Seafood Dinner in DC: Hank's, Pearl Dive, or somewhere else?

This is more of a question than a reply I guess, but I've noticed that Pesce seems to have fallen off the map when it comes to discussions of seafood places. I used to love it, but it's probably been two years or more since I've been, so have no recent experiences to evaluate. Does anyone have current thoughts on it?

near Reagan airport

Just FYI, Bombay Curry Company is closed at the moment. The building it was in is being gutted and redeveloped. The restaurant is planning to move a few blocks south but it's not re-opened yet.

Beer-centered lunch on Saturday?

I think you'll be happy with either Churchkey or Brasserie Beck. Personally, I like Brasserie Beck just a little more.

Where can I buy minicupcakes for a bridal shower in Washington DC?

I'm pretty sure Buzz in Alexandria does them.

Exquisite and Exciting Meal in Washington, DC - Restaurant Nora or Fiola?

Fiola for sure. Not even close.

Good place for upscale casual lunch in DC?

I think Fiola would be a great choice. They have a couple of very reasonably priced multi-course lunch deals in addition to a la carte.

I had a great lunch there last week.

21st birthday in DC, likes Sake

You might take a look at Kushi, on K Street between 4th and 5th Streets. It's a short walk from the Green Line at Mt. Vernon Square.

Or Sei on 7th very near the Archives/Navy Memorial Stop.

moderate, fairly quiet, great food near Melrose Hotel (2430 Pennsylvania Ave)?

Ris at 23rd and L.
Firefly at 1310 New Hampshire Ave
Hudson at 21st and M

Need a bakery recommendation in Old Town VA

I haven't been in a while, but I used to like Nickells and Scheffler at the corner of King and Henry Streets.

Have you ever not bought local because of merchant's attitude

Got it. That makes perfect sense.

Jun 23, 2011
BrianD in Not About Food

Have you ever not bought local because of merchant's attitude

Hmmm. I wasn't there so I have no context for his comments, but I don't know that his response was BS. Where I live, Virginia, only vendors from bordering states can accept assistance coupons. That means many vendors, from Pennsylvania, quite close but with a small part of MD in between, can't. I wouldn't be surprised that other states require vendors to take a training class at a very inconvenient time. But I'll take your word that he was patronizing and I agree that markets should be accessible and affordable to all.

Jun 23, 2011
BrianD in Not About Food

where are the good indian and thai places near old town, alexandria?!

Just to be clear. You're not going to find anything comparable to Rasika in Alexandria or Arlington. You're just not.

That said, I really like Dishes of India in Belle View -- just south of Old Town off the GW Parkway. And for Thai, I second the rec for Bangkok 54 in Arlington. I haven't found any Thai in Alexandria that wasn't mediocre.

Rasika Restaurant
633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

Dishes of India
1510 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

Bangkok 54 Restaurant and Bar
2919 S Columbus St, Arlington, VA 22206

Elephant brand beer in NOVA??

I'd certainly give a call to Rick's Wine and Gourmet in Alexandria. They have an excellent beer selection.

Old Town Alexandria Pubs and Oktoberfest Beer

It's not in Old Town proper, but I'd check Rustico on Slaters Lane.

827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314

Rehoboth Beach- favorite dining spots

I love Espuma.

60th Birthday Dinner-Obelisk or Tosca?

I would pick Obelisk. To my mind, it is the best italian restaurant in DC. By a lot.

Espuma, Rehoboth

Thanks both of you for your help.

Jul 21, 2010
BrianD in Mid-Atlantic