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authentic chinese w/ banquet rooms in austin?

Other than Kim son, are there any other restaurants that can rent out banquet rooms and serve some good authentic Chinese food? For example, peking duck, whole fish, red bean soup, sea cucumber, etc?

Or, if they don't have banquet rooms, does any Chinese restaurant cater that serve the above foods?

Aug 21, 2008
sheisaeval in Austin

chinese restaurants with a banquet hall in the dfw area

Suggestions for nice Chinese restaurants with a banquet hall in the dfw area?

Or, suggestions of good Chinese and/or Korean restaurants that cater?

cheap catering - NOT Mexican or BBQ?

Actually, if you don't ask a typical caterer (or the sense that serve fancyshmancy American foods) and look for more cheaper ethnic food, it'll be a lot cheaper. I think if you cater Indian food, the main meal (rice, meats, veggies) should be ~10 a person and then if you add dessert and app, it shouldn't be more than 25/pp. Only thing is that I'm not sure if everyone will like Indian food, so I am looking if there's any other choices out there. A lot of "normal" American restaurants' catering menus is ~25-30 or so a person so it's not like I'm asking for a lot less than that.

May 09, 2008
sheisaeval in Austin

cheap catering - NOT Mexican or BBQ?

Does anyone have any ideas for cheap catering for a wedding?

Has to be yummy and filling, and preferably under 20 a person for everything? (appetizers, meats, veggies, desserts)

I'm thinking probably an Asian restaurant, so any suggestions for one that does catering (or possibly if they have private rooms)?

May 07, 2008
sheisaeval in Austin

graduation dinner in san antonio?

So, I'm graduating in a week and half (woo hoo!) so my family's coming down for my graduation.

Anyway, I don't really eat out a lot so I don't really know many good places to eat out at, so if anyone has any suggestions. It'll just me five people (Mom, Dad, sister, fiance, me).

Prefer no Mexican/Tex-mex (unless it's unique and different from other places and it's a must-eat place)
Prefer in the NW area (bordered by 281, 1604, 410, and bandera)
Must have parking
Cost $15 or less/pp

As for tastes in food:
My dad likes seafood and steak (but he'll eat anything)
My mom hates anything with cheese
My sister dislikes a lot of meat, she likes more carby type foods (pasta, etc)
Fiance and I generally prefer healthier choices but if it's unique we'll try anything.

So, any suggestions that will please everyone?

And also, my graduation is in the afternoon, so between that and dinner, we might have a few hours to kill, so what are some things we can do? I don't know if I want to deal with parking downtown or not, but I dunno what else to do. I'm thinking maybe the zoo, but I think it closes at 5?

May 01, 2008
sheisaeval in Texas

best ethnic/unusual dishes/foods in Austin?

Anything other then the usual Texmex-Mex/Burgers/Italian/Chinese/etc?

I want to try something new, something different.

Any suggestions?

Apr 09, 2008
sheisaeval in Austin

Asian bakeries with steamed buns / bao zi?

Any suggestions for any Asian bakeries out there that have freshly steamed bao zi (filled with pork or red bean or wahtever) that aren't the frozen/premade ones in a lot of those Asian markets?

Apr 08, 2008
sheisaeval in Austin