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Any suggestions for restaurants on the Cape that take reservations?

Good morning,

There is a group of us heading to Brewster the first weekend of August for a Bachelorette Party. We are looking to go out for a nice dinner Saturday night and really hoping to head somehwere that will take reservations. We are pretty easy going and not looking for fine dining, more looking for a place with good food, good vibe, etc. I know the Sargo Cafe takes limited reservations, so that's a thought, but I'm hoping some people here can give me some suggestions. I think ideally we would like to stay around Orleans, Dennis, Chatham, Harwich.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Jul 19, 2010
ack228 in Southern New England

Nantucket - causal, infant-friendly

The Easy Street Restaurant (right at the Steamship dock) is very good and reasonably priced. A little out of town, near the Stop and Shop, is a place called Kitty Murtaghs, which is also excellent.

Kitty Murtaghs
4 W Creek Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554

Jul 19, 2010
ack228 in Southern New England

Places in Medford

Thanks for the suggestions! As the 'daughther on the move' I appreciate learning about new places to go to eat! Pastalina's was AWESOME, and we will be heading back again!
Keep the suggestions coming...I'm not new to Boston, but sort of new to the Medford/Malden area.

Apr 08, 2008
ack228 in Greater Boston Area