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Foods not to miss in D.C. area.

Kabob House right up from your hotel in Clarendon has great Persian food and Mala Tang at Virginia Square is awesome Szechuan hot pot. Also recommend Liberty Tavern for locally sourced ingredients and solid cooking. The Green Pig, also in Clarendon has been getting good reviews.

Anything good to eat at National Harbor?

Going for the ice show next weekend--anything new opened up out there? Or are hotel restaurants and national chains the name of the game?

Anything new or interesting around Virginia Square?

So what is good in Ballston these days? I live near Clarendon so I eat around there all the time but don't get further up the orange line very often. I know Willow and I tried Big Buns, what else?

Anything new or interesting around Virginia Square?

Besides pollo rico? I have a meeting over there tomorrow night.

Betty's Restaurant in Chippewa

A little hard to find with the bridge out but this family restaurant was worth the detour. Home-baked yeast rolls, fried haddock, homemade not-too-sweet coleslaw with fresh parsley, real mashed potatoes, and beef-on-weck special were all outstanding, but the cocoanut cream pie was sublime.

Aug 19, 2009
Amy B. in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

Joe H. I was loving the fact that I finally decided to make your risotto the same day you were featured in the Sunday Post Magazine! I have enjoyed your posts for years. But I am wondering about the amount of stock, and the "8-9 minutes" referenced in the recipe. I had to add almost a cup more stock and it took more like 40 minutes of adding and stirring and the rice was still quite al dente. Maybe my carneroli was old, I got it from the Italian Store. Anyway, the flavor was divine, it was just hard to get the rice beyond crunchy.

May 05, 2009
Amy B. in Home Cooking

Brunch with mom in Delco?

What would be a nice place to take mom for brunch or lunch on Sunday? Media, Wallingford, Swarthmore area or farther afield.

May 01, 2009
Amy B. in Pennsylvania

What Is the Deal with Temple Bar in Berkeley?

So is the Temple Bar definitely closed or still open?

Mar 25, 2009
Amy B. in San Francisco Bay Area

Reblochon or reblochon-like cheese in DC or NOVA?

I ended up using Fleur des Alpes from Whole Foods and it was scrumptious.

Best banh mi at Eden Center

Going on Sat and need some help navigating! Where can I find the best banh mi? And any recommendations on which kind to get?

Reblochon or reblochon-like cheese in DC or NOVA?

I want to make a tartiflette which calls for reblochon de Savoie but I understand this is a raw milk cheese which is no longer available in the U.S.? What would be the next best thing?

Fyve? (Ritz Carlton Pentagon City)

I've read some reviews, but anyone been? Suggestions on what to order or what to avoid?

Berkeley Hounds in DC -- recommendations? what's missing off this list?

Brunch: Tabard Inn for charm, and the hot doughnuts
Lunch: Ben's Chili Bowl and Market Lunch for the history
Dinner: Komi, Becks or PS 7, and City Zen

If you can travel to VA: consider Rays Hellburgers for lunch and Restaurant Eve and 2941 for dinner.

ISO restaurant near Marriott in Roslyn

Here is a list that I created for a conference at the Key Bridge Marriott, might still be helpful. Conference-goers loved the Liberty Tavern.

Recommended Restaurants
In Rosslyn
Here is an interactive map of the area which show the exact location of some of these restaurants:

Continental Modern Pool Lounge
1911 N. Fort Meyer Drive

Piola $$
1550 Wilson Boulevard
Over 50 kinds of pizza, has received great reviews.

Café Asia $$
1550 Wilson Boulevard
Asian fusion and sushi.

Halfway between Rosslyn and Courthouse (about a half a mile
)Rays the Steaks $$$
1725 Wilson Boulevard
Best steaks in the area for a fraction of typical steakhouse prices. Sides included (mashed potatoes and creamed spinach in a skillet). He doesn’t take reservations so it is good to go early or later.

Rays Butcher Burgers $
Same strip mall as Rays the Steaks
Owner Michael Landrum coarse grinds the trimmings from his steaks for these burgers. Has received glowing reviews. No liquor license, but fresh brewed root beer. Burgers serve with free corn and watermelon.

Guajillo $$
1727 Wilson Boulevard, next door to Rays the Steaks
Authentic Mexican, good Margaritas.

Pho 75 $
Same strip mall as Rays the Steaks
Vietnamese noodle soup, served with fresh herbs, no frills but yummy and cheap.

Courthouse Metro (about one mile)
Ireland’s Four Courts $$
2051 Wilson Boulevard
Large, nicely appointed Irish pub with good food but remember smoking is not outlawed yet in Virginia in bars!

Me Jana $$
2300 Wilson Boulevard
Lovely Lebanese fare in a nice room.

Sawadtee $$
2250 Clarendon Boulevard
Best Thai in the neighborhood. In the Courthouse Plaza beyond the large clock.

Five Guys $
23—Wilson Boulevard
DC’s famous chain. Fresh ground beef and fresh cut fries, fast food prices.

Clarendon Metro (about a mile and a half)
Kabob Bazaar $
3133 Wilson Boulevard
Fabulous Persian food, very reasonable.

Liberty Tavern $$$
3195 Wilson Boulevard
Upscale, chic, emphasis on locally sourced products. No smoking allowed.

Cupcakes in Falls Church or Penn Quarter?

Report back--Stacy's is no longer making cupcakes but I bought two dozen really nice cupcakes-pretty and tasty--at Natalia's Exquisite Creations at 230 Broad Street in Fall's Church. The cake was moist and not too sweet and the buttercream was dense and delicious. Sugar bumblebees, butterflies, and flowers completed the spring theme. Everyone raved about them. Not cheap, but worth it.

Cupcakes in Falls Church or Penn Quarter?

I want to pick up some scrumptious out of the ordinary cupcakes for a colleague's birthday Thursday. Is there a good bakery in Falls Church or Penn Quarter? I miss Reeve's!

Lunch around 501 School Street

Any place interesting around the USDA training facility? Where do all you hungry DOT workers eat? Many thanks in advance for any tips.

Where to buy burrata cheese in Baltimore/Washington?

I saw it once at the Italian Store on Lee Highway in Arlington.

House in Media

Just sampled three of the best paninis I've ever had at House in Media (110 Jackson off State). Brisket with perfectly carmelized onion, spinach and brie, and excellent cheddar with bacon and the same lovely onions. The bread tasted homemade and each sandwich was perfectly seasoned and scrumptious. Hope they will put in a few more tables, I will be going back (and I really don't own stock in this place) I was just astonished by the high quality. In DC where I live these sandwiches would be $12-$15--the charming chef and wife server are charging a measly $5.25 or so...

Jan 14, 2008
Amy B. in Pennsylvania

Dizi at Mirage Cafe, Bailey's X-Roads

Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon has dizi I think just on Wednesday and Saturday. A huge portion too.

Brunch or lunch on a Sunday near the Natl Gallery

Any ideas for a good Sunday brunch near the art museum? Not interested in the Native American cafeteria. Wanted to try Central, Beck's or PS7 but none are open on Sunday for brunch or lunch.

Bebo Wine Dinners & Cooking Classes

I did the famous pasta sauces class about a month ago and thought it was well worth the $$$. Juice, coffee, and semolina cakes when you arrive, a small class with lots of personal chat with the Chef, you make 5 sauces and homemade pasta and have a very nice lunch with wine and dessert. I'm planning on taking another one. Next time I will try and not almost hit Chef Roberto with an empty container though...throwing towards the group garbage bowl and missed...

Queen Makeda, open or closed?

Ate with out of town guests at Etete last night--wonderful as ever. I thought I read here that Queen Makeda was closed, but it had a big neon OPEN sign across the street. Maybe it is just open as a nightclub now, or do they still serve Ethiopian food?

Need lunch near Court House metro

Ri-Ra makes a great burger with onion rings on it, and they also have great fries with curry sauce.

Is There a Good "Meat and Three" in DC?

Saint's Paradise is worth the short walk from the Convention Center metro. We had great fried chicken, fried fish, mac and cheese and greens there with plenty of vinegar. Very friendly people at the cafeteria tables.

Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less Than $10

Kubideh platter at Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon--I think it's like $8.95 and you get a big basket of hot grilled pita with onion, radishes, parsley, cilantro and that yogurt sauce, 2 big kabobs and fluffy rice.

Cote d'Or in Falls Church

Going there tonight, any tips on this place? Good, bad, what to order?

Rose Restaurant same as Cafe Rose?

We were looking at the Persian phone book at Kabob Bazaar in Arlington and saw there is now a Rose Restaurant in Vienna. Can this be the same as the late lamented Cafe Rose that was in Falls Church? Anyone been?

Planning a D.C. Vacation around food

Stay and eat at the Tabard Inn on N off Dupont Circle. Great Sunday brunch esp. homemade doughnuts. Nice patio for evening dining in this great weather we've been having too. Close to metro and everything. I started staying here in the 90s when I lived in Ohio and still recommend it to visitors and eat there often.