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Maui - Kihei good food?

we had our honey moon in Kihei-and bought foods at all the farmers mkt.
we ate out two times the whole time, at Cafe O'Leis, on the main drag.
it was great price $6-30
depending. we did lunch both times and had local fish and chips, oh i forgot, we once had lobster and steak.
it was a super restaurant and didnt break the bank, they have sushi too.
and alcohol:)

Salt Lake City

I am going to SLC this coming weekend, and i am vegetarian, hubby not.
Where would you guys recommend eating? or should we just cook our own food in our hotel?
we also dont want to spend oodles of cash on meals, so inexpensive is good too.
thank you

Apr 08, 2008
amattern in Southwest