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Bread and Butter

I looked him up just last week but he was not at the stated farmers market. :-(

Jul 17, 2014
mzbruin in Los Angeles Area

Bread and Butter

Recently came home from a trip to Paris and then I see this video on Epicurious.

Now I'm dying for some amazing bread with amazing butter. I'm kicking myself for not cold packing some French butter along with some Poilane bread to extend the joy by even a day or two.

Is there a restaurant/bakery/creamery in LA or OC to get my hands on some top notch bread and/or butter?

Jul 16, 2014
mzbruin in Los Angeles Area

Mother's Day in Anaheim

The Cellar in Fullerton has a nice Mother's Day brunch menu.

May 01, 2009
mzbruin in Los Angeles Area

Need Meal for New Mom suggestions

I'm making a meal for a family who just had a new baby and I'm looking for suggestions. They don't eat beef and lasagna is off the table because someone else is already making it for them. Can't be too spicy because she is nursing and has a four year old. I prefer that it not be too expensive to make or too time consuming....

What would you love to receive?

Aug 09, 2008
mzbruin in Home Cooking

Small party caterer in Inland Empire or SGV?

My father is having a small but special 60th birthday party and I'm looking for caterer recommendations. Only 20 people attending with a live jazz band. It's going to be casual but we aren't looking for street food. And he's not interested in Italian, Mexican or Chinese. Any recommendations of caterers or restaurants who cater in the Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley? Thank you so much!

Apr 13, 2008
mzbruin in Los Angeles Area