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where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

Been a while since this thread was started, but for what it's worth I went to Irving Cafe & Desserts last year to stock up on sugar cane juice and I was really disappointed that they had switched to the more common, sweet sugar cane-- not the grassy version that I enjoyed so much on my earlier visit. I asked them about it and they said something about problems with consistency and customers not like it as much (I'm thinking more the latter). So anyway, I'm back to my search for the tastier, green, grassy version in the city if anyone can help!

Also for the record: I'm pretty sure every place I got sugarcane juice in the city (mentioned above) pressed it fresh.

Irving Cafe & Dessert
1919 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

Anyone reviews of the Incanto, Iron Chef - Battle: Offal menu?

I was just thinking of the Iron Chef Offal meal at Incanto and found the link documenting our experience, course-by-course via twitter (with photos!):

I hope this serves anyone that's looking for information about this memorable event!

Best taco truck in the Bay Area?

I'm on a search for the best taco truck in/around San Francisco to cater an event. I'm tempted to broaden my search to the state of California (ok, maybe only as far south as LA). Is that crazy? Help!

Must have great carnitas and/or al pastor (pork!). Good veggie/seafood options major bonus. Cute truck/good service nice to have.

This weekend we plan to try a few:
El Tonayense, 22nd/Harrison (been there, good)
Tacos el Primo, Hunters Point (they have ceviche)
El Norteno

Am I missing one that will blow my mind?? My test is tacos with the aforementioned pork. What's yours?

Hoping Bay Area taco trucks are as good as LA. Thanks in advance!

where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

I checked this week and Bombay Creamery on Valencia no longer carries sugar cane juice. Guess it wasn't big with Mission hipsters.

Also took a trip out to Irving Cafe and Dessert and they're no longer using the green sugar cane. Guy told me they were having problems with consistency and that people were complaining it was too grassy. Duh, that's why it was so good! They still have good sugar cane juice but I think it's similar to the sweeter variety to what you'll find elsewhere in the city.

Do People Really Eat Cheese Made with Maggots?

I'd really like to try this, acknowledging it could be a little intimidating.

We eat "live" stuff all the time. Anyone ever had a fresh oyster? Sorry to break it to you, but if it's fresh that sucker is alive. Unfortunately we have a cultural hang-up on insects.

I get the feeling the "live maggots in your intestines" scenario is an unusual one. I seriously doubt this cheese would have any following if it was accompanied by intestinal bleeding.

I say bring it on.

Sep 19, 2008
3030vision in Features

where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

Alright, listen up. I'm about to give the definitive sugarcane juice review for SF ;)

I went to Irving Street Cafe & Dessert @ 20th on Saturday. The sugarcane juice I had there was far beyond anything I've ever had before-- much greener and grassier than what I was accustomed to. I'm actually not a huge fan of regular sugarcane juice but I could drink this stuff straight. Really good!

With a renewed interest in the stuff, I decided to try the two places in the TL. They serve the far inferior (in my mind) browner, sweeter stuff with a lot less flavor. If you're a fan of this stuff I strongly suggest you try the stuff on Irving. It's like night and day/grape juice and wine.

I'm excited I've seen the light but a little discouraged that I can't find the good stuff here in the city. I'm not even sure it's a matter of freshness, I think it's different sugarcane.

I hope that helps.

Oh, and I went to Alemany farmer's market this weekend. No sugarcane, although I misread and was looking for the juice. Either they packed up early or just weren't there.