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Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

I decided to go to DoS Amigos last weekend and check it out for myself seeing as it's in the nighbourhood and I truly believe what works for one does not necessarily work for another...

I would go back again but for vegtarian dishes and drinks.

We had Tortilla Ranchera – A spread of black beans and cheese on a flour tortilla baked and topped with chopped tomatoes, sour cream and ranchero sauce. It was decent.

then we had a steak which came in some sauce...I tried to convince my friend to order the shrimp seeing I had read the beef wasn't very good...The beef was horrible, not good quality and very though. They had had the chicken a couple years ago and they said the chicken wasn't very good. For a $20 main course, we should have gone to Bistro Tournesol for a proper steak cooked by a chef.

The atmosphere was nice and service was friendly

The magaritas were good

I would go back but I would order vegetarian dishes or something with ground beef..

I also go to Taco Alsador often but I do find the beef can be tough by the end of the night wheras its not during the day. But the owners are always happy to see me and the price is right so I'm forgiving if one out of ten meals isn't great