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Edmonton - Where can I find a good bottle of sake?

I have seen a few kinds of sake at Sherwood Liquor but most places barely carry anything other than gekkeikan. Does anyone know of a liquor store that might have a good selection of sake? I've checked the old Chowhound message boards and google...but no luck :(

Mar 25, 2010
Garnetgirl in Prairie Provinces

Vegetarian-friendly places in Edmonton?

Blue Plate Diner is pretty veg friendly with both veggie and meatavore options for similar dishes. No steak on the menu but they usually have meatloaf and bison burger options I think. Downtown...104th St I think, just north of Jasper

Jan 29, 2009
Garnetgirl in Prairie Provinces

Bottled vs Draft Beer, why do I have a hangover?

I'm not sure I can answer your question with science but I can offer anecdotal evidence. The last two times I have had 'terrible' reactions to a night of drinking (which were separated by 5 years) were after consuming draught beer from slightly sketchy pubs. I have the capacity to drink a lot more alcohol than I consumed on those two nights but a couple of pints of pale ale from these places resulted in a catastrophic case of the spins. I suspect that there is something about the drink itself rather than the amount that I had that is the major factor in the outcome of the evening. *pun not intended*

Let me know if you ever find real evidence - I'd love to defend myself with some real data!

Jan 26, 2009
Garnetgirl in Beer

Alberta Ave (E-town) Groceries etc.

Possibly moving to the Alberta Ave area in the near future and I'm not familiar with the area (I've lived in Edmonton a while though). We'd be in the 97th Ave 115th St area.

Just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations for Groceries, bakeries, delis, restaurants and the like.

I've heard great things about the Popular Bakery and that there are lots of family-run food joints in the area.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

Apr 17, 2008
Garnetgirl in Prairie Provinces

Dinner Recommendations in Edmonton?

8 years is a long time...

Dinner Recommendations in Edmonton?

I think Dadeos is a no-minors place :( So sad but well worth the wait until your 18!

Dinner Recommendations in Edmonton?

Louisiana Purchase is kind of a neat Cajun place. Seems to have a lot of selection for main dishes (beef, pork, poultry, ...alligator) and is pretty big so I'm sure they could accommodate kids no problem although I'm not sure if they have a specific kids menu. I would call ahead on that issue. It's not really posh - I think most of the entree's are between $15-25. A little off the beaten track but it's pretty reliable fare.

Edmonton Pizza

Friends of mine swear by Roadrunner Pizza over by the Miseracordia. Seems reasonably priced and with no shortage of toppings. Kind of a deep dish pizza crust but it's yummy enough that I eat all my crusts (not always the case).

Best casual brunch (Edmonton)?

Is Dadeo's still open for breakfast? It seemed like they stopped serving breakfast for a while (or maybe just during the week). Their breakfast Po'Boys and cajun hash browns were to die for...

Edmonton Restaurants

There isn't a Tokyo Express ON Whyte Ave so maybe foodiesnorth meant Tokyo Noodle House (I think..) on the Ave.

Apr 07, 2008
Garnetgirl in Prairie Provinces