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Interesting popcorn toppings

Peanut butter thinned with a little metled butter, salt, sugar and some toasted sesame seeds.
Nutella and salt.
Gremolata (lemon zest, garlic, parsley, salt)

I have some botarga in the fridge and I wonder how that would be, micro-planed over hot popcorn with butter and parsley....

Jun 22, 2012
chefeclaire in Home Cooking

Where can I find piri piri sauce?

I used to live in Portugal and I love my piri piri! They have it at Bay Cities! I love that place.

Apr 18, 2008
chefeclaire in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants with a Chef's Table?

Piccolo, a tiny Italian restaurant right next to the beach in Venice (5 Dudley) has a great tasting menu. It's the kind of place where the waiters are Italian, the pasta is handmade, and the specials change every day. The chef's menu is 5 courses and about $75 (w/o wine) if I remember correctly. I had a wonderful meal there, and the service was great. I don't think they take reservations though, but you could try.

Joe's on Abbott Kinney, has a chef's table. I've never had it, but friend's of mine loved it. I've eaten a la carte there and never been dissapointed so I'm sure Joe wouldn't let you down when you go for the gold. I'd certainly go there instead of Bucco de Beppo!!

Apr 18, 2008
chefeclaire in Los Angeles Area

Weekday lunch along PCH in or near Malibu?

If your heart isn't set on Mexican or Seafood, I think Cholada is a great place to stop for lunch coming back from the beach in Malibu. It's a little Thai place and completely charming inside. Almost like a Thai joint you'd find on the beach in Thailand. It's definitely not too fancy, they have seafood on the menu, and everyone I've ever brought there has loved it.

Apr 11, 2008
chefeclaire in Los Angeles Area

Abbot Kinney Top 5 List....GO

In varying order (restaurant status is no permanent thing in my book): Joe's, Axe, Lilly's, Primitivo and Hals.

Seems like not too many people mentioned Primitivo. The steak frites there are great, and they usually have some good special tapas plates to experiment with. Had really good braised short ribs the other day. Their desserts are delicious. I often go somewhere else for dinner and then stop by there for dessert and a glass of port or Tokaj at the bar.

Joe's is definitely number one for great meals.

Lilly's has my favorite salad - frisee with lardons (french bacon), a poached egg and croutons. I crave it.

Axe is great too, although I love it for lunch - there brown rice bowl sounds dull but is very flavorful and their homemade ice creams are delicious.

Hal's has a duck confit salad that is phenomenal, their late night bar menu is great, and a steal, but it is loud and I hate their bread (but I just don't like sourdough.)

Last but not least, 6 words about Stroh's: breakfast burrito with chorizo and avocado
It is soooo good. And the staff is great.

Apr 09, 2008
chefeclaire in Los Angeles Area