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Coy's Steakhouse in Hot Springs, AR

Yeah Bad news all around. Coy's was our first restaurant that we dined at, and our favorite. It was also the setting for our second wedding anniversary. That visit to Coy's is the picture I use here on this website. Every time I see the recent pictures of the fire I get a little sadden. Like the loss of a dear friend. I know that the quality has lacked in recent years, judging by some reviews. I think at this time it is doubtful of any restoration. The news reported at the time of the fire, that they would possibly reopen. I think now it is doubtful. So Sad.

Upscale in Hot Springs

This may come to late for the weekend but Coy's is always a hit. They have good service and the best steaks I have ever tasted. As far as 'upscale' goes, I think they blend upscale with down home service. Creating an inviting atmosphere that begins with valet parking. Hope this helps in the future.

Mad hunt for vintage candy

Hi Guys, I enjoyed these candies also while growing up in No.Louisiana. The store that sold them then was K & B which has gone out of business. I remember only 2 flavors peppermint and my fav spearmint. I have searched the net and the shops mentioned here and have not found them. Someone said they were made by Elmers candy but they have discontinued their production. Elmers however still makes Easter and other holiday candies. The 2 main things that I recall about them was you had to keep the bag tightly sealed or the candy would lose their crispiness, and everytime you belched you had the freshest breath for days (smile). Happy Hunting and holler if you find them.