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Italy Restaurant Itinerary - Any additions?

Sorry, I just saw this post. if you are still in the area...

in the Amalfi Area - start with dessert have an aragostine (filled with Nutella) before you leave. this is a sfogliatella from the Napoli area, they make it with chocolate-hazelnut, ricotta, lemon filling (to name some). The origins of are from the Amalfi coast from a monestary Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini...

ALSO in campagana try the mozarella di bufala (firm and creamy - to die for) alone or ask for gnocchi alla sorrentina (make sure they use di bufala)

ROMA ... I agree with another user who recommended:
Osteria Le mani in Pasta di Marchetti & piras
Via dei Genoviesi, 37
Trastevere- S. Cecilia, Roma
Phone: 06.5816017

We had for appetizers some mozzarella di buffalo and I believe the Fiori di Zucca (fried zucchini flower) and the pastas were to die for we had buca di beppo...? egg noodle pasta with a pepper sauce. pix attached (make reservations).

between Rome and Sienna if driving ... find your way to the natural cascades of terme di saturnia.... it is quite a treat!

Sienna- Ristorante Pizzeria Due Archi ; P.Dei Mantellini 48 Siena

Near the mediaeval Citta Alta in Bergamo (40 KM from Milan); do not miss eating in the Trattoria Parietti Piero e Ausilia (opposite the church) which is the sort of cheap and extremely cheerful family restaurant that you always hope to find at some point in a visit to Italy, I could go on, but basically this is a great place and we will return without a second thought! Had four entrees because everything looked fantastic (Polenta, rabbit, wild mushroom risotto and a milanesa


dunno whatelse to say, we just got back from our road trip from the Sorrentine Peninsula meandering our way up to Milan... and wish we hadn't left.

May 01, 2008
roxy_nyc in Italy

name this Italian pastry


I just came back from Italy and i am frantically trying to find a bakery that makes it here in NYC. It is a type of Sfogliatella from the Napoli area, they make it with lemon filling also. If you find out where they sell it in the USA please let me know. It is to die for (and i dont really like sweets); The origins of are from the Amalfi coast from a monestary Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini... that is all the info. I have so far. AKA lobster claw but most pasticcerias fill it with cream or ricotta. good luck!

Apr 06, 2008
roxy_nyc in General Topics