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best breakfast waffles?


Best waffles in TO

Shanghai Style Smoked Fish - Another yummy product from 'Full Fortune Foods' available at T&T

Personally, I try to avoid any food products from China. I simply do not trust the standards and transparency when it comes to packaging, labelling, ingredients food handling etc.

Not to say it's perfect in NA or the rest of the world, but China (and much of Asia) just scares me.

But like you say, to each his own and you only live once. Lol

Good luck (and I do appreciate your continued presence and posts on CH)

Shanghai Style Smoked Fish - Another yummy product from 'Full Fortune Foods' available at T&T

Grass Carp??

Made in China??

Thats a pass.

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Bravo. Well said.

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

Good breakfast spot near Westin Harbour Castle

Over Easy

Cheap, cheerful and delicious

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

rudeness. Not acceptable from Hostess or Diner. Policy. 100% Ok.

As far as bending the rules, restaurant biz is tough enough w/o having to make exceptions for everyone who feels they deserve it. Yes is sucks if its raining/cold/you have 8 screaming kids with you waiting for the resto to open. Next time arrive on time/all together or go somewhere that takes reservations.

Bushel of Beets:GTA

Anyone have an idea where to purchase beets in bulk for pickling in the GTA?

Grocery items that you can't find in Toronto (but you can in the states)

Corn Chex Cereal. Love it.

Sometime you can find rice chex or cinnamon chex or some other Chex but I can never find plain Corn Chex.

Gourmet Gringos Opens a Restaurant

Got takeout last night. Had a group deal coupon of some sort.

I had the fish tacos (beer battered fried mahi) and the GF had the grilled chicked tacos.

Pretty darn delcious. Great slaw on my tacos. Definitely better than the GF's chicken (but probably way less good for you.

Not a soul in the place at about 7PM.

Cross and Blackwell Seafood Sauce

Thanks Pearl,

Tried Intl Foods. They have it seasonally (Xmas) but he gave me the name of the distributor. Turns out that Brunos at Yonge and St Clair carries it (about 5 mins from my house).


Love the CH community. Now if i could only find the Delish brand of Bajan Hot House. LOL

Cross and Blackwell Seafood Sauce

The GF and her Mom love the C&B Seafood sauce.

havent been able to find it of late in TO. Stopped into a specialty Brtish goods shop @ jane and bloor (run by a very unfriendly Asian fellow) who said C&B are out of Biz. They website above seems to state otherwise. \

I think they were simply bought out. Website site shows where to buy, but only works for US postal code. Looks like Wegmans in NF/Buf carries but prefer local source.

Txs all.

Anthony Rose New Restaurant - Fat Pasha


We were walking by FP on Tuesday at 5:45. Maybe one person in the place.

Checked out the menu. Looked tasty. Used to love the whole roasted tandoori cauliflower they served at Nataraj in the Annex back in the day. Sure wasnt $18 (i think that was the price or maybe it was the latke platter)

Kraft PURE Refrigerated Salad Dressing in the GTA??

And the answer is!!

Heard back from Kraft direct. the entire product line has been discontinued. Guess the couldnt compete with renee's (which i think iis terrible).

Oh well. Any have any recc for store bought creamy caesar dressings .

Kraft PURE Refrigerated Salad Dressing in the GTA??

Used to buy this at my local Loblaws (Bathurst and St Clair) but it disappeared about 6 months back. Also not at Sobeys, No Frills or Fiesta Frms.

Specifically the low cal Asiago Caesar.


New Dim Sum at Yonge & St. Clair?

noticed this the other day. Anyone have any news or info

Corn Chex?? Where to find in Toronto

As well, while i love the Chex in party mix, I like to simply EATthe Corn Chex (either str8 up as a snack or with milk)

Corn Chex?? Where to find in Toronto

thanks for the replies all.

I have also seen some of the flavored Chex cereals around the GTA, but i am still looking for the plain Corn Chex.

Will starting checking Sobey's but if anyone has actual visual siting of the Corn Chex let us know.


Corn Chex?? Where to find in Toronto

Anyone know where to buy plain corn chex in the GTA

The Chase Fish & Oyster

I went for lunch last week and the food was excellent and the Service was very attentive. My only crticism was the food was very slow coming out. It was only the second day of service so I was willing to cut them some slack!

My reservation was for 1PM and my client and i both had the seafood chowder (special of the day) and the scallops. it took them almost 30 mins to bring out the soup which was excellent.

We both commented on how we were surprised there wasnt a large pot of chowder that they then finished (chowder was topped with some additional fresh seafood). Visual very nice and delicious.

Main course came out shortly after (we stressed we were in a hurry and had to leave ) and was also excellent.

I was also impressed by the size of the portions. Both the chowder and the mains were well-sized (certainly didnt leave hungry).

Beautiful room, and again very attentive and polite servers.

The roof-top patio looks stunning. This will quickly be a new go-to place for the Bay street crowd IMO.

Cant wait to go back.

Not cheap! All in tax and tip was $120 with no booze, coffee or dessert.

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Lots of availibilty but its a looooooong commute.

Plus an extra $0.39 cents a can


Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

I think its just popular. I have served it to a bunch of friends this summer and they have all gone out and bought some.

Multiple by a few hundred people and the supple gets bought out pretty quick.

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Glad I tucked away a couple of extra cases a few weeks back.

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Hair of the Dog also has it on Tap.

Corner of Church and Wood . Kitty corner to old Maple Leaf gardens.

Last LCBO check shows it currently pretty much OOS in all the GTA. Not sure of the restocking schedule.

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

Looks like Queens Quay got in a big delivery. Inventory shows 1900 cans on hand.

Grapefruit lovers in the GTA rejoice.

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

selected LCBOs are selling the Stiegl Grapefruit radler in 500 ml cans.

Picked up 2 cases at Summerhill last night but I think they are going fast.

The cashier told me they have been getting lots of calls . Not sure if they are getting more in.

Atrium on Bay LCBO has 20 + cases according to inventory but as usual YMMV.

Get it while you can

What did you have for breakfast today? [old]

croissant, some fruit salad, a coffee with 2%. Then 1/2 a blueberry bagel cuz I was still hungry and a bit hungover.

then fish and chips for lunch

Apr 20, 2012
superizzy in General Topics

Duke's Mayo in Niagara Falls Region

Title says it all. Anyone have a source for Duke's near Niag Falls/ Buff?


Brunchworks on St. Clair

We have been twice for Brunch on the w/e and found both the food and the service fairish.

It is definitely kid friendly, saw lots of families both times.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the food or service, but nothing that great about it either.

The word i would use is adequate.

best bet would be to try and miss the big brunch rush. The first time we went it was around 11 on a Sunday and it took 20 mins to get a table and then the were slammed so even getting a drink order in took some effort.

Best of luck

Breakfast Close to Hilton Downtown

Any options other than the hotel itself or Shopsy's in the Sheraton.

Dont want to go too far afield.