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Moving to Davenport and Shaw - tell me what I need to know!

Welcome to the neighbourhood! To add, there is also Nancy's Cheese at Dupont & Spadina, Marcello's at Dufferin & St Clair, and Rushton Bistro, Ellington's (jazz cafe) at St Clair & Winona, and can't think of name but another nice bistro-type just beside the Firkin on St Clair at about Lauder.

740 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1B3, CA

Best place for Piedmont region Italian food?

He is but unfortunately no longer works at the restaurant. Gianni & Maria left to Bermuda last fall. Restaurant is still open, operated by landlord with much of the same staff I understand.
Too bad was a favourite.

Heading to St. Lawrence Market for the first time...what should I look out for?

I like the salt and spices at Selsi Sea Rocks, downstairs, near an East exit.
Jut grabbed a bunch of Il de Re, NZ salt, Saskatchewan salt and fleur de sel.

Visited Perth Pork Products today

We're trying Tam's this year because I've never tried them and because they're known as 'bacon' pigs. Long lean bellies ideal for bacon/pancetta.
The meat is supposed to be very good as well.

In terms of something to start I think Berkshire is a very good start. It's very much like commercial pork in flavour porfile but way better.

Visited Perth Pork Products today

We've not had the Ironage from Fred at Perth but have had Wild Boar and Berkshire. We're looking forward to trying our first Tamworth this year.

Fred is a pretty thoughtful, knowledgeable and savvy farmer. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts working with another breed in the future like Duroc or Mangalitsa.

Where to find pasture-raised pork (bacon) in Toronto?

we buy a whole or half hog in the winter to cure so we make a tripe to the farm. however i know fred comes to TO regularly so drop him a line and i'm sure something can be worked out.

Where to find pasture-raised pork (bacon) in Toronto?

I get my pork from Perth Pork Products.
Outstanding stuff, and farmed ethically and sustainably.

Mengrai Gourmet Thai?

Have had two wine dinners there and Alan was very accommodating. The food is excellent, best Thai in the city I've had.

Soda Pop Shops in T.O.?

I was just there yesterday and picked up a whole mess of pop including various flavours of Boylan's, Capt'n Eli's, Virgil's, Avery's, Jackson Hole, Sparkys, Moxie and GUS (Grown Up Soda)

Tried the Virgil Root Beer, awesome stuff. Complex aroma and hint of sweetness, very refreshing and easy to drink unlike mass market pop.

Best of the Farmer's Markets

Correct, $20/lb. They are certainly not wet-packed, I was told flash frozen and right now, harvested within a few days of coming to market.

Best of the Farmer's Markets

Until the end of August/early September at Wychwood Barns there is a fish place called Goldwater. Bought scallops last week and they came out better than anything I've ever had at home, only in a restaurant. They're based out of Nova Scotia.

beretta organic farms - comments/feedback please

They are also at the Dufferin Grove market on Thursdays.
I made some braised short-ribs which were outstanding. I find the quality/price ratio a happy medium between say Cumbrae and whatever's at the supermarket.
They also have a monthly special which is good to look out for.

Scotch Mountain Meats (sold at Brickworks)

Thanks for the tip. My dad is frequently in Meaford area, will ask him to check it out. I'm not normally around any of the markets in Toronto they visit according to the website.

So, you're looking for that special carton of ice cream....

Anyone ever had Metropolitan gelato? They are my favourite.

st. clair west

Enzo is better. He's Sicilian.

Tapas is the name of the new place (have not tried)
Regal Heights is very good. My fav is Giovanni & Maria Trattoria, around Arlington IIRC.