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anniversary dinner search

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, though ktmoomau, once I showed my date the menu at central he nearly made the reservation for me.. I totally overlooked it, and always wanted to try but never been. Do you think its really casual in terms of atmosphere?

anniversary dinner search

Hello all, I have a restaurant search for you. Me and my non-foodie significant other will be celebrating an anniversary and he's treating me to a non-Outback/Cheesecake Factory dinner (cause for celebration). If you haven't guessed we are both working on a budget (graduate students) so I was hoping for a dinner for the two of us for about $75-100 (but more so on the 75 front). The cost would cover our entrees and maybe a shared appetizer (though its not that important). Seafood/Thai/Ethiopian/Vietnamese/Tapas places are out (my partner is the simple type) but I was hoping for a place with flavor.

I've settled on a couple of places (..Zengo, Oya) but I was hoping my fellow chowhounders will give me some hope for a couple other tasty places that has a pretty backdrop. Any help would be greatly appreciated

MD Graduation help

I noticed it was graduation season and checked some of the previous threads, and couldn't find much. I'm graduating from U of MD - College Park and I have a whole slew of family (about 13 all together) coming down to see it and it just dawned on me that they might want to take me out to eat. Here's the contingencies,

-They're not from the area (NY) and I would prefer to make it as seamless as possible
-Can't take the metro (grandmother with a bad knee will be in attendance) so there needs to be parking and hopefully not too far out
-While I want to say no one's too picky, there will be kiddies so i guess it should offer some simple plates too
-I don't want to go to Applebee's, a diner or IHOP (which is what is around)

I think that's about it. This could be a night thing or a lunch/brunchy thing, I'm thinking it may be better to lean toward the latter. Entree's could run in the $20-$30pp range. My main issue is the driving/directions aspect. I would love to show them something yummy, & fun, especially since its the first time a lot has even seen my school-but I understand that coordination of it all may be difficult.

Please help!!

casual sushi?

Although I hear that Kaz sushi is good, is there any good rec's for a great sushi place? Nothing too fancy, I was thinking of a place I can perhaps pick up or even sit in, but nothing too sceney. Anywhere metro accessible is fair game. I picked up some sushi when I went in to NY and this particular place had the best rice in their rolls that I almost wanted to look into the kitchen. I went to Wasabi off Farragut with a few friends, and I didn't know how to feel about it-any ideas?

Georgetown Cupcake

Although I am a baked and wired girl myself, all things red velvet are fine by me. the lines at GC hasn't been bad at all-actually, I stopped by without any line at all. But they didn't have any red velvets or key limes. For some reason I can't bring myself to buy a chocolate or vanilla cupcake when I know I can just make one at home..

Happy Hour, Margaritas

cafe citron? they have pitchers and regulars with happy hour specials..

Hello Cupcake

Yeah, I visited GC and didn't find them to be anything special.

mezza luna

A friend of mine went and said it was good, but I've heard mixed reviews. Is it any good?

Your Favorite Burger?

....I'm surprised no one said five guys?
and i'd go with ollie's too, if we're getting gritty


Any thoughts? I've been meaning to try because their menu looks yummy, has anyone visited? It's Malaysian by Farragut North.

Birthday Dinner in DC

I suppose, for the one with my friends, people will feel comfortable spending maybe, $40 each (it really depends, we went to Zengo and racked up a heafty bill, but we paid for our own damages :)

The boyfriend scenario is a bit more "college budget", I think he wants to spend $50? but that would just be for two entrees. Does that help?

Birthday Dinner in DC

Ok guys, I have two challenges...
I have a birthday coming up, and I was looking for,
A. a place for me and my friends to go that's kinda funky or plain yummy. But I want it to be classier than say....five guys :)
B. a nicer joint to go with with the boyfriend.

I have ideas but the problem is that we're working with a college budget, more so for the second, since I think me and my friends will pay our own way. Anywhere accessible by metro is cool, and I'm a total foodie, so any cuisine will do. Any suggestions?

Authentic French Macaroon's?

i actually work across the street from poupon-i can check it out for you if you want to save a trip? they have the most deliicciioussssss croissants. yum.

Georgetown Cupcake

there's a great red velvet cupcake at baked & wired in gtown. right off of M street on thomas jefferson.
try it :)