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Best Taco Stand in Tijuana.

Tacos Gordas has been a favorite of mine for years, down behind the open air market in the Zona Rio section of Tijuana. Standing there with others of similar condition, after the bullfights, trying to absorb an afternoon's worth of cerveza fria and tequila streams from a bota bag by eating piles of fresh, hot tacos of beef cheeks, the nighttime darkness punctuated by a steely light above the taco stand, is a transcendent experience.

Apr 08, 2008
chucwagn in California

San Diego Barbecue

I was once the guest to two writers for the Voice and View Point who took me to Fargo's in Southeast San Diego. Urban legend had it that the restaurant, on Imperial Avenue, was once the site of a gas station. Is Fargo's still around? I recall the ribs and chicken were sensational.


Apr 07, 2008
chucwagn in California