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New Paltz Restaurants

The Stone Haus is doing good quality pub food with ambitions akin to Terrapin's bar menu - small dishes, a burger, fresh fish entree. Not quite as successfully done as Terrapin but the pretty surroundings (Huguenot St) and romantic interior elevate the experience. Highly recommended as a drink and a snack kind of place.

Noteworthy in New Paltz:

Village Tea Room - A must for lunch! The proprietress excels at taking abused and overlooked dishes - turkey pot pie, cream puffs - and making you realize why they were once so beloved. Go soup and sandwich (house-cured gravlax or cilantro-pesto chicken salad) and make sure you get that cream puff or slice of cake for dessert. Best quality locally-sourced seasonal ingredients in very capable hands.

Mountain Brauhaus - A cherished favorite among locals. Excellent traditional German dishes (sauerbraten, spaetzle) with a freewheeling specials menu. Everyone eats happy here - grandmoms and the hipster grandkids too. The buttermilk salad dressing is addictive! Dinner only.

The Cheese Plate - In Water St Market. Smartly-chosen cheeses and chocolates with local ice cream. Real French bread! Fresh baguettes delivered every day. You can get a picnic basket here - bread, cheeses, olives, cured meats, fruit... Grab a bottle of wine over at the shop next to the post office and head up to the Gunks or down Huguenot St for a picnic.

Karma Road - Everyone's eaten at vegetarian restos where taste and texture take a back seat to nutrition and politics. Not here. It's fresh honest creative food that happens not to include dairy and meat as ingredients. Try the red lentil dahl, the curry, roasted cauliflower, housemade veggie burgers, and the chocolate shake with young coconut juice.

Breakfast - The Main St Bistro rules, but there are other good options. James makes tasty crepes and egg dishes with fresh-roasted coffee at the Mudd Puddle in Water Street Market... Paul's Kitchen does all your favorite coffee shop standards, just east of the downtown on Main... and The Alternative Baker in nearby Rosendale has superb pastries, delicious fresh rolls and a feisty egg sandwich - with Dijon!

Pizza - Pizza in the Paltz is intended to be consumed after too many beers after 2am by people in their 20s - unless it's Reno's... Folks like Rocco's, La Bella and Pasquale's too. And if you have a carload of screaming hungry kids, you will want to avail yourself to the blessed drive-thru at Village Pizza.

Various Ethnic - Yannis makes good hummus and Greek salads... Mexicali Blue, the hole-in-the-wall taco joint on Main, used to be great, still good... The Gomen K noodle shop has very good food from quality ingredients but I agree that the service can be spotty... Otherwise, sorry but there is no Asian food of distinction (including East and South Asian) in New Paltz. It ranges from the bad to the earnest but not so good. The sushi places are all serviceable. If you're from NYC or Westchester hold your Asian craving 'til you get home.

Markets - Jack's Meats on Main can make you a good sandwich to go - including breakfast sangs or a juicy grilled cheeseburger from grass-fed beef... My Market has organic fruits, veg and dairy, humane meats, good beer and lots of interesting grabbers.

Basement Bistro - Earlton NY

Astonishing. Like a dream. If you live to eat: persist. Get to this place.

Good tea on Shrewsbury St in Worcester

I drink a ton of tea on the go and have difficulty finding decent quality tea on the road. Lots of sad cups of Lipton. I stopped at a newish local coffee joint on Shrewsbury St called 'inhouse coffee' who carries mightleaf tea. Excellent. Very friendly staff, good pastries, comfy chairs, free wifi too.

May 03, 2009
markp in All New England Archive

EWR Airport Eats

Happy travels. If you become tight on time, the EWR satellite of Gallagher's steakhouse can be a godsend. Terminal C.

babalu bob's- cuban in wappinger/ fishkill area

Thanks for your detailed notes. Sounds like the gallego is def the way to go.

Mochon has indeed stopped writing reviews for the Pojo News. Very sad. My wife and I recently sought him out at the huge discount wine shop where he works in Wappinngers just to tell him much we enjoyed his writing - and to tell him that we think he gave Tanjore short shrift! You will be charmed to know that Elephant in Kingston is a Mochon favorite. You should pay him a visit. Really nice fellow.

Seeking NJ wine discount store

Re: Upstate wines - Arlington Wine & Liquor Store on Rte 44 just east of Poughkeepsie has a wide selection of thoughtfully-chosen reds under $20.

Piermont Restaurant--Great Diner Food-Great People!

Thanks for this info! I also grew up around the corner from the Piermont - when it was known as Romero's Restaurant, home to bacon and egg sandwiches and the classic greasy chesseburger deluxe served with RC Cola. The Piermont sounds like a great call for a Tenafly quick fix.

Need Rec's for mother's birthday dinner- 20 mile radius of Rhinebeck NY

This is stretching your mileage limit, but across the river in Milton on Rte 9W lies The Ship Lantern Inn. Classic continental cuisine, tuxedo-ed waiters, great food, superb service, lovely romantic dining room. It's a total throwback place (est 1925!), but there's nothing musty or dowdy about it. You'll have a memorable experience and your mom will be wow-ed.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2009

Hi Bill. I enjoy your posts, thanks for them. As diners, I think the math generally works in our favor when there is less to choose from. That portends fresher ingredients and more attention to detail.

When I go out to eat I exercise 'choice' when I pick the place rather than the dish. I enjoy putting myself in the hands of a kitchen with a tyrant at the stove. I want to eat what they do best, the signature dish or the special. I love places that do a limited amount of things very well whether it's Tujagues in New Orleans or In-and-Out-Burger in LA. I want it their way, not my way.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2009

Yes, there is a definite "early bird alert" ghetto-ization going on at some of these places when you arrive seeking the RW menu. It's a shame for us and dumb and self-defeating for them. I wish more of the kitchens would look at RW as a fun unique culinary challenge - a chance to wow us (or win us back) at 30 bucks a head; to take some simple ingredients and showcase skills, influences and playfulness on the plate.

I've decided to patronize only the restos that 1) post a RW menu online; 2) keep it to no more than 2-4 starters, mains & desserts; and 3) put some thought, spirit and an assertive point of view into the occasion. I'm looking forward in particular to Ship Lantern, Depuy Canal, and La Puerta Azul, among others.

Thai Palace, Fishkill?

Yes. Tanjore Indian. Go for the lunch buffet!

why are Yelp reviewers so bad?

yo peeps, word on the playa hatin. chowhound is aiight. but yelp = keepin it real. when me and my homies is jonesin for a slice, we don't need all this egghead sht and all. i'm just sayin.

Feb 15, 2009
markp in Food Media & News

New Paltz - Anything New?

Strongly disagree about the Main St Bistro service and I eat there three times a week. The waitstaff is exceptional: warm, professional and extraordinary when under pressure, which is often. The Bistro staff is one of the unspoken reasons that New Paltz is such a happy place.

Sunday breakfast in or near New Paltz?

Agree with Leslie and Spa, good calls. Add The Village Tea Room to the breakfast mix. They do scratch waffles and spoonbread (a warm custardy cornbread) on the weekends, in addition to their dreamy muffins. Their cream puffs are the most heavenly thing I've ever eaten. Everything prepared with the finest ingredients: local organic produce, Ronnybrook dairy. The Tea Room is a relaxed alternative to the usually frenetic Main St Bistro on weekends. Very kid-friendly.

Indian in southern/central Dutchess

Tanjore - Outstanding lunch buffet.

why are Yelp reviewers so bad?

The Barrio Cafe + Yelp = perfect together. A pretentious place for know-nothing poseurs to 'chill'. The Barrio Cafe is a joke, with their Lenders bagel-like dinner rolls, their not-a-drop of fresh-squeezed lime juice margaritas, their pathetic wow-factor cranberries in the guacamole, their "do you want fries with that" entrees. The Barrio Cafe is as authentically Mexican as their Wonder bread staff. Unbelievable. They rent a downmarket storefront, hire a huckster to write the menu, squash an avocado at your table and... voila! They're hip! downtown! and eclectic! Get a clue, Phoenix. ... And Yelp? Google the essay "Life Reeked With Joy." Them's your Yelp posters.

Jan 30, 2009
markp in Food Media & News

CSA ~ glad it's finally over...

Hey, I'm considering starting a small business where I would pick up your weekly farm share for you, separate it, wash it, chop it, bag it, label it... and then dump it in your compost heap for you.

The first week of November is bliss -- I get my fridge back! Seriously. How much fricken kale, jerusalem artichokes, garlic scape and greens of unknown origin can a person take? I've thought about getting a juicer and just pulverizing the whole dang cornucopia down to something I can throw down with a shot of vodka.

I know, I know. I swear, outwardly, I'm a righteous as the next (Michael) Pollan-spewer. I sincerely love the idea of the CSA movement and am delighted to support my local farms. I enjoy smugly pedaling my 3-speed bike to pick up my share, making foodie chit-chat with the other progressive neurotics, etc. But the food itself?... I hate to say it but there's a reason frozen pizza's so popular.

Nov 01, 2008
markp in General Topics

Non-fusty romantic dinner in Hudson Valley?

Based on your requirements and preferences, I highly recommend two relative newcomers with the region: the Busy Bee (just across the river in Poughkeepsie) great modern cooking, low key vibe; and the Global Palate (straight shot north up 9W in West Park) ambitious menu, commitment to local/organic ingredients, more formal setting. Enjoy and happy anniversary!

Five Guys Coming to Kingston!

Dale and George, Hudson Valley burger-lusters feel your pain! There are high-end burger joints in every NYC neighborhood these days, from Good Burger (my own fave) to Better Burger. Let me ask you, if Danny Meyer or anyone capable of doing a reasonable knockoff of Shake Shack came to the Paltz-Kingston-Pokey area, would we not stuff their pockets silly with cash?

CIA kids: the economy is tanking. Think "Hudson Valley burger joint." Forget fine dining. I can eat $28 short ribs any night of the week up here. What I can't eat is a good burger-joint-style burger because there aren't any! Clue-in: High grade beef, ground daily -- not too thick, please... Soft, yeasty, locally baked bun , not a hard roll, thank you (maybe the Bread Alone kids can help you out)... Fresh-cut fries; scratch condiments... A couple of decent regional brews on tap... I repeat: we will stuff your pockets with so much cash you'll be able to do that tasting tour around Italy and France you've been dreaming about.

Breakfast places in Tulsa

Queenies for breakfast!

Sep 27, 2008
markp in General Midwest Archive

Five Guys Coming to Kingston!

Bob, you know a subsequent poster on that thread nailed it. The second generation within that family has never cared all that much about the food part of the, um, food business he inherited. Instead, he's grown up to be our local Donald Trump, with his hands knuckle-deep in bids and contracts rather than mama's mozzarell. We do miss that cheese and those little hot stuffed peppers.

George, I share your excitement about Five Guys. Bob is right: "real good for fast food." I've eaten at their locations in downtown DC and at the old "Two Guys" location in Hackensack NJ. They're always a welcome sight when you're stranded and starving. Now I don't have to pack a pbj when I'm slacking off with a long novel at the Barnes and Noble across the street.

I wish I knew of better (i.e. non-chain) food options along that corridor. I'm always inclined to head to Gabriel's in the Stockade or to pop across the bridge to Rhinebeck. A friend tells me that that the Chinese joint just up the road in the Office Depot strip mall plaza is pretty good. Haven't been. I will definitely check out Elephant!

toscani & sons, new paltz?

Hey Bob! Yes, Tosconi's deli has lamentably closed. There was an emotional sendoff held earlier this summer. I'm not sure what the owner's plans are. He owns a few properties along Main Street and has talked about everything ranging from a hotel to a grandscale farmers' market.

Wilklow Orchards (Highland,NY) question

It's never too early to start thinking about cider doughnuts! Wilklow is great. If you're a cider doughnut fan you'd be remiss not to sample the cider doughnuts at Dressel Farms on Rte 208 and those at Jenkins & Lueken up Rte 299 just east of 44/55.

Also - Rafaella at Tantillos Farm Market (Rte 208 near 44/55) bakes some of the tastiest fruit pies in the Hudson Valley. She uses only in-season fresh fruit. You have to pre-order a couple of days in advance and then you can pick up hot from the oven.

Noodle shop in New Paltz?

Our fourth Japanese restaurant in New Paltz is indeed NOT another sushi joint! I had lunch here last week and was pleased. It's located on upper Main Street (between the Thruway and the donwtown) in an open high-ceilinged space shared with an antique dealer. Very relaxed atmosphere. I tried the yaki soba with pork along with tempura shrimp and veg over rice. Clean, honest food with decent quality ingredients and subtle flavors. Highlights: delicious sticky rice, excellent cuke salad, superb iced green tea. Only downside? Only one shrimp in the tempura shrimp and veg dish! Had to arm wrestle my companion! In general, I found Gomen Kudasai to be a very welcome reprieve from the awful east asian fastfood ubiquitous to the Hudson Valley... and a relaxed step away from the sometimes frenetic downtown Paltz dining scene.

juicy hamburgers

When Jacques Pepin and Julia Child made dueling hamburgers on their cooking show, one of the provocative things Pepin did was to hold off on salting the burgers until they were cooked, for the specific purpose of allowing the burgers to retain moisture. I highly recommend this technique.

Also - try buying a cut of beef and "grinding" it at home, in your food processor. I do this whenever making burgers, meatloaf or chili. You can control the texture of your grind this way and ascertain the quality of your meat. It's fun to experiment with different cuts and combinations of beef, from chuck to sirloin to ribeye.

Jun 29, 2008
markp in Home Cooking

Falafel update ?

Joeyness in Fort Lee NJ makes the best falafel I've ever eaten along with a smoky savory baba ganouj and an interesting variety of other middle eastern salads. On lower Main Street in Fort Lee, stone's throw from the GWB. Joey is a CIA grad of Lebanese heritage. Sweet guy, runs the joint with his mom.

Samosa House, Fishkill NY

Moose - Mohammed does have a serious demeanor, but he's sweet and affable if you chat him up. He's 100 percent committed to the integrity of his food.

Starr Place in Rhinebeck

I'll refinance the house to get some great mussels. How the the food?

Samosa House, Fishkill NY

Bob - Red Hook Curry house is excellent IMHO. Go on one of the buffet nights (Sun and Tues) to get a feel.

PHX: Chino Bandido on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network

Thanks, winedubar. Your superb PHX postings were the text of my food itinerary. Unfortunately, I ended up stuck in long meetings most of the time, livin on hotel sustinance and bags of In-N-Out. Stay tuned for my detailed review of the vending maching in the La Quinta lobby... The highlight of my trip was the carne adovada at Richardson's.

Apr 24, 2008
markp in Phoenix