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Fresh Goose for Christmas.

We always have had a frozen goose for Christmas. Anyone know where to purchase a fresh goose

Nov 26, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Ventura (the city) - looking for recs in the area

Try the Watermark downtown. It is in an redone 3 story old bank building. Nice bar with a view on the top floor. Also downtown is nice place called My Florist. The have a bakery in house and decent and inexpensive wine list. Taqueria Tepatitlan is on Ventura Avenue and good for a big and good Mexican breakfast or lunch. If you want a splurge try Sly's in 20 minutes up the road in Carpinteria. Great steaks and seafood. They now have hard to find abolone on the menu. Ocean Pride is near the AutoMall off the 101. If you are here in November they should have fresh dungeneous crab. Otherwise not much to choose from and pricy. Brophy Bros from Santa Barbara opened up a place in the Ventura Harbor. Better than Adrea's across the parking lot plus they have a good patio overlooking the harbor.

Taqueria Tepatitlan
362 N Ventura Ave, Ventura, CA 93001

My Florist Cafe
76 S Oak St, Ventura, CA 93001

Oct 06, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Tomatoes in LA Ventura County

Tomatoes are currently 60 cents a pound at the Ventura College Swap meet on Saturday and Sunday. Lemons 5 for a dollar.

Aug 29, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Client dinner in Ventura County

If you can afford to spend a bit more try the Watermark downtown Ventura. A real step up from most places. Less expensive is Cafe Fiore also downtown for Italian food.

Cafe Fiore
66 California Street, Ventura, CA 93001

Jul 06, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Mirai Sweet Corn in Ventura or Santa Barbara Area

I hope this hybrid sweet corn turns up somewhere around here and maybe with it being regular hybrid it will. I read that 1/3 of the sweet corn in Japan is Mirai and that somewhat confirms it must be good as they seem to be willing to pay a premium for premium produce.

Jun 29, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Mirai Sweet Corn in Ventura or Santa Barbara Area

Thanks. Not sure though this will be the type of corn that organic farmers will take to as my understanding is the organic people are not open minded to genetic engineering. Corn almost always requires some chemical spraying. My only preference is for the best produce that I can find. Mirai sweet corn is a new hybrid developed in the midwest for superior sugar and texture. It doesn't ship well so it is not available easily. Thanks again.

Jun 29, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Mirai Sweet Corn in Ventura or Santa Barbara Area

Heard all sorts of good things about a triple sweet, sweet corn called Marai. Anyone found it in the Ventura or Santa Barbara area or for that matter anywhere in Southern Californa?

Jun 28, 2010
Ventura in Los Angeles Area

Going to Friends Wedding in Paris. Gifts suggestions? Items not available in Paris from CA or US?

We are traveling to Paris for a friends wedding this December. He is mid 30's loves good food and wine.
We have a number of unique wines, olive oils and cheeses from the Ventura, Ojai area and Santa Barbara area that we are considering bringing as gifts. While they likely don't compare to what is available in Paris they are good and not widely available.

Any other ideas that might be appreciated that we could bring from Southern California? We have friends and relatives that work for Disney animation and maybe something related to that?

Also thinking of arranging an offshore oil platform tour for his next trip here. Shows another side to real California life that is not all fruits and nuts and and since 9/11 not an easy tour for people outside the oil biz to arrange.

Please send your ideas. The groom other interests besides fine dining are skiing and old pharmacy artifacts ( he is a doctor and owns a pharmacy).

BTW groom is Jewish so kosher food items required.

Apr 13, 2009
Ventura in France