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Dipping sauces for steamed artichokes

I'm an artichoke fanatic, so bear with me here, I've been sorting this for years.

Butter- a couple of tablespoons in a ramekin with one clove puréed fresh garlic and some freshly grated lemon zest. You can do this in med heat in a saucepan, but I do 50% power in the 'wave.

Nuke that for 30 seconds, let sit, since your chokes are steaming. Repeat the heating a few more times about 5 minutes apart to lessen the rawness of the garlic get and the flavors infused.

After the chokes are off the heat and cooling a bit, mix in mayo (same amount as the butter, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add salt to taste.

Tangerine oil- savory applications

I did consider the cocktail potential- margaritas, eh? I'll take that challenge.

I also considered a sauce or dip for grilled shrimp, or a pot-sticker sauce.

But yeah, it's heady stuff. Adding a little at a time is a good suggestion.

Tangerine oil- savory applications

I have this bottle of Boyajian Tangerine Oil. It's very strongly scented and flavored- basically tastes like Tangerine zest.

I've found some sweet recipe ideas for it, but I was hoping for a few savories. It really seems to call out for something like a pan-Asian tangerine beef or chicken dish, with chili paste, shaoshing- something of that nature. I'm a little unsure of proportions, as it could easily overpower. I put a drop on my tongue about 5 minutes ago and I still taste it.

Thoughts? It seems likely lovely stuff, and it don't want to waste it.

white cheddar with chipotle

Rogue Creamery in Oregon makes a cheddar called "Pistol Point" that has chipotle in it.

I googled "New Mexico Goat Dairy" and got a number of hits- see if any of those look familiar to you.

Jan 29, 2013
caviar_and_chitlins in Cheese

More clicks = more ad revenue.

Lots of complaints about having to click through more links to get where you want. More clicks means a busier site means CH can charge more for ads, because unless you use an adblocker, you see more and more ads, everytime you are re-directed. cha-ching!

CH users are making the mistake that CH cares about your user experience. They don't. Not anymore.

Remember the people (myself included) that complained when a lot of content went to video over text? More ad revenue, people.

That said, it's been a fun time, but it's crossed the line where it's clear that CH doesn't care about the regular posters that, truly, helped develop this site with a boatload of free content, discussion, reviews, etc.

So, for all of you who have been so helpful in the past, I've learned a lot, both good and bad- you've steered me right, and guided me away from the wrong.

And while this is a totally free site, and CH can do what they want, it's crossed the line from engaging experience to being commercially manipulated for me. So, see you in the lunch lines. :)

Dec 11, 2012
caviar_and_chitlins in Site Talk

Annual SF trip- in with the old, and what's new?

Thanks all for the replies, I really do appreciate it. This board is probably #1 for "help me eat in ___", so I know you get innundated. I'm following those threads too.

I'm shifting my focus only a little. And, one clarification- when I asked about something like SBP, I meant a place that serves things like rabbits and little birds, and does it well. For now, I'm scratching SBP off the list.

On the list- definites:
Lai Hong Lounge for dim sum, based on another thread (never been!)
Mandalay- it stays on the list, I've been craving this for 6 months.
Mission Chinese- a request by the SO, and it'd be a new one for us.
Canteen- super close to the hotel, another new one
Bodega Bistro- great idea! thanks, another new one
Cotogna for lunch, also a new spot.

Old Mandarin. it's 45 minutes on the light rail, and it goes almost right there..... hmmm.
Another great suggestion, and expands my horizon a lot.
Yank Sing has dropped from definite to maybe. It depends on if I get my fix at Lai Hong.
Dong Bei Mama
Spices II

Probably nots that I was considering:
The new fancy pants Chinese joints. The reviews are not impressive, and I don't mind spending money, as long as it's good, interesting food. Sounds like these don't fit that bill.

Last Chance Kitchen 12/5 (spoilers)

Hi- John E in the TC thread told me how to find it on Demand: Go to TV Shows, "By Network", "Bravo", "Top Chef", and it's in there, but not when you search alphabetically, for some reason.

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #5 - 12/05/12 (Spoilers)

I figured it out when it started- and then smacked myself in the head for not considering that of course they'd need a few eliminations in order to do a competition.

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #5 - 12/05/12 (Spoilers)

That's weird! I found it by doing what you said- thanks for the help!

edited to remove silly content. :)

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #5 - 12/05/12 (Spoilers)

Hi John, I can't find LCK on Demand under Top Chef or in the "L"s... any tips to finding?

Need a food-gift for a very rich co-worker.

How about hit up a cheese shop? You could easily get 2-3 pieces of lovely cheese- or 2 cheeses and some fancy crackers. Murray's on Bleeker or at Grand Central would be happy to help you find something delicious and in your budget.

Dec 04, 2012
caviar_and_chitlins in Manhattan

Annual SF trip- in with the old, and what's new?

Thanks for the thoughts, both of you. I must admit to being curious about the 2 new fancy chinese joints opening up (near my hotel), and the bus out Geary will drop me conveniently near Spices II or Dong Bei Mama, so thanks for those.

I've been following the Tea Leaf Salad thread jealously, and am considering other places, but I may be stuck on Mandalay.

Annual SF trip- in with the old, and what's new?

I can't thank you all enough for your assistance on previous visits- I've followed up on those threads (it's an annoyance of mine when people don't), and I very much enjoyed my dungeness recommendations last January.

We will be in town for 5 days next month.

I love love love chinese, particularly Szechuan. I have little access to anything above sugary, syrupy chinese if I don't make it myself, which I do, but as an egg (coined by my korean friends), I'm still limited.

Places we've been and plan to visit again:
Yank Sing (went to Rincon, but is Stephenson comparable?) I have enjoyed dim sum all over, and
this was my favorite in the US.
Ozumo, mostly for the Tuna tartare. I know it's for the beautiful people, but that was a great dish.
Also, super sake offerings.
Mandalay. Mandalay, Mandalay. Tea leaf salad that I can't get out of my head. Might go twice.

Places we've been, but probably won't return:
Z&Y (liked, but is there something better?)
R & G (went for the crab- again, liked the experience, but wow- that's a lot of work for the reward.
City View- we found Yank Sing to be so much better.
Lers Ros (tenderloin). Loved it the first time, was meh the next few visits. Is the trick sitting at the
bar? We love the bar, and had the best time there.
Woodhouse: Market St. we loved it, but we went for the crab, we had it, loved the atmosphere, the
people, but with limited time, want to try something new.
Zuni Cafe: granted, we only went for wine and cheese after woodhouse, and that damned chicken
is fantastic, but I do make this at home often with the book.

Now, where I need you:
State Bird Provisions: Should we? My husband loves little birds and rabbits- how's the walk-in situation on a Tuesday in January, since reservations are not to be had. Is there a better option for this fare, and on the Muni?

So, given my predilections, what do you think I need to try on this trip? I'm looking for mostly great flavors, love holes-in-walls, and Asian foods are a priority.


Restaurant gripes

I think sharing soup with people I barely know is pretty skeevy, and unless they bring 20 spoons, so each dip into the bowl is with a fresh spoon, yuck.

I also think that you should stop by, call, or email the manager and ask them why they promote this unhygienic practice, that has such a great potential for embarrassment.

I do, however, share soup with my husband, but I already have his cooties.

Restaurant gripes

I hear you, but you can also say, when ordering, "please bring my soup with the salads, and not before, thank you", and the problem is solved.

treacle in denver?

This might be a good place to look- Bayleaf on Pearl, near the Wells Fargo/across from Peppercorn in Boulder has a back room with a LOT of Brit products. All kinds of things like Spotted Dick, etc. Might call them and see.

Have you ever boycotted a restaurant for non food/service related issues? (i.e. political statements)

Yes, I vote with my dollars all the time.

Do I know the leanings of each shop/restaurant I visit? Of course not, but when I do know, usually due to the very public actions of the owners or stated corporate policies, you bet I make that decision to not support attitudes I find offensive/don't comport with my values. And, of course, to actively support those that do.

Why did the cream in the gratin break......again?

My best luck with gratin is 325 degrees, for about 25 minutes (2 lbs potatoes, 3 cups cream). Then I take it out and let it rest because I need the oven for other things. For me, this makes a huge difference in the texture of the potatoes, and allowing the starch to thicken the cream. Then I'll put it back in for a 10 minute warmup before serving. I haven't had any problem getting the top to brown, but I go for a more golden brown than anything darker than that.

Why did the cream in the gratin break......again?

+1 on the heavy cream- but also another thought: Your heat's too high. What temp/time are you cooking at?

Moving to Edgewater... [CO]

US Thai is one of the only Thai places in town (that I've found) that will bring the heat, and don't cloy everything down with lots of sugar.

I like GB's Fish and Chips, but can only handle that much fried occasionally. And the fries (chips) themselves are (I think) pre-cut frozen. But there are lots of fried seafood options, when you have that craving.

And you're close to Casa Bonita, which is a bonus. :)

Fake aged gouda cheese?

There are a lot of variables here- 1) The counter person was wrong (was this a cheese shop or a grocery counter?) 2) your friend mis-heard or mis-understood, and was being described a different cheese that the one purchased 3) There are many makers of Gouda, when young it is soft and creamy, older cheeses lose moisture and develop the tyrosine crystals. Some makers age their cheeses in a more humid environment, which retains moisture and retards that crystal formation to some degree. 4) the cheese was frozen for a time, then thawed and called "aged". This does happen.

But my bet is on option 1- the clerk was incorrect.

Nov 25, 2012
caviar_and_chitlins in Cheese

now my pork dumpling filling's got no mojo (water dumplings)

hmm. I'm wondering about the all caps point of grinding the meat VERY FINE. That would be a texture issue, for sure.

I also add some chili paste to my fillings, and grated ginger! I also add a beaten egg to bind, and I never, ever add sugar to my dumplings. I don't use aspic either, but I can't see how that would hurt.

Oven bottom storage drawer?

pot lids and the spatter guard. That's it- the lids are close by when I need them, and tucked away when I don't.

Nov 14, 2012
caviar_and_chitlins in Cookware

Please help me be kind to a rude in law

First of all, that's a whole lot of negativity there. You're consumed with it, so there's little chance you can bottle it for the day.

But, I'll give some advise a go. I also have some predictably annoying relatives. I know what they are going to gripe about, topics that they will invariably drone on about although nobody cares, etc.

So, we make a game out of it. My spouse and I make separate lists of these annoying predicted utterances, and then we keep score, every time we get a hit. So now, instead of groaning every time you hear this insipid crap, you look forward to it, because it's points!

You may have to be discreet- but it makes the day much more fun by betting that you can get this annoying person to say more things on your list that on your spouses. It becomes hilarious, really.

Alternate uses for food

Buttermilk and moss whizzed in a blender, painted onto things where you want moss to grow.

Can you braise boneless beef with beef on the bone together?

yes, but yours will be better. :)

how many times a week

Daily. It's a rare day when I don't need to stop at some kind of food store/grocery/market.

Busaba in Louisville, CO

Has anyone been here? Is there any chance that Pim Fitt of Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai is involved? I do miss that lady.

I love Thai food, but have a lot of trouble in Denver/Boulder with the heavy hand on the sweet, or not taking our requests for heat seriously.

So what say you Denver eaters?

Tea Leaf Salad - SF Dish of the Month (Nov 2012)

do enjoy your new place, and do report back. Did I mention that I'm so.happy.for.you. really. :)

Tea Leaf Salad - SF Dish of the Month (Nov 2012)

Hi, Please understand that I say this with the utmost charity and only a little ill will. I hate all of you deeply, just for being able to have this conversation. Ever since I had the tea leaf salad at Mandalay in June, I have been craving this dish like mad. (but clearly not madly enough to attempt to make it myself, for fear of going to all the effort, and missing out on that je ne sais quoi)

I will, however, be watching this thread to try other offerings of this enchanting dish on my next visit to SF.

Yours in envy,