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late(r) night dining downtown....

going to the theater, looking for a good place for dinner around 10:30. all suggestions considered. thanks!

Getty Center restaurant is shockingly good!!

it's totally delicious. and the views are lovely. everything i've had there has been good.

In town for medical treatment, looking for organic food/free range meats

le pain quotidien. there is one in santa monica, two in brentwood, one in beverly hills. the produce is mostly organic, as are the eggs and milk. amici restaurant in brentwood uses quite a bit of organic produce, and i think the chicken is organic, or at least free range. if you are wanting actual produce papas organic delivers fruit/veggies as well as many grocery items. their stuff is delicious and the owner is very conscientious about what he buys and who he buys it from.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Art's Deli on Ventura Blvd. in the Valley. Next best thing to Grandma's (from the old country herself).....

Romantic Birthday Dinner Westside or Silverlake/Downtown

Looking for a spot that's dark, moody, and on the quiet side. I'm a pescetarian, my boyfriend will eat just about anything. I'd prefer to avoid spots with lots of offal, unusual pig parts (i.e. ears, heads) on the menu, if possible, but want a creative chef for entrees and pastry chef for dessert.
Any recommendations are way appreciated....

Los Angeles coffee - I'm calling you out (many boos, and one hooray)

I feel your pain, and agree that it can be difficult to find good coffee in Los Angeles. But Peets....surely you jest. I was a hard core loyal Peets drinker for over 25 years (my favorites being French, Vienna, Italian Roasts, plus the African and Indonesian varieties) until I discovered the likes of Caffe Luxxe, Intelligentsia, and Groundworks. Not to mention several little Italian eateries that make a mean drip. Peets quality has, in my most humble opinion, suffered as they have expanded. The barristas at many of their sattelite shops are clueless, the shops themselves dirty and poorly managed. Mind you, I was WAY hard core with the Peets. Seriously.

A great breakfast place in Ventura/Oxnard area?

Tomas' Cafe on A Street in downtown Oxnard is very good. It's a cute family run place, and everything is fresh and homemade. Tomas' has a diverse clientele, which in Oxnard is a breath of fresh air. Breakfasts and lunches are both tasty. (salads can be hit and miss depending on the day). Their huevos rancheros are delicious, as are the omelets and baked breakfast goods. They also do all kinds of coffee drinks, from espresso to cafe cubano. In Ventura, there is a place on Main called Pete's, also family run, also homemade. It's very cute and is in an old California style cottage. More beachy than Tomas', which is definitely a slice of the downtown Oxnard life. Pete does homemade cinnamon rolls, excellent omelets, fabulous huevos rancheros, and moist flavorful frijoles. Coffee drinks, mimosas as well. Diverse crowd.

Tomas' Cafe
622 S. A St. Oxnard

2055 E Main Ventura

Best Cakes/Cupcakes/Pastries in LA

yum yum yum!!! thank you so much!

Marv's Deli North Hollywood

It's still there. Still the best pickles next to Grandma's homemade. Still delicious.

Best Cakes/Cupcakes/Pastries in LA

I'm taking a good friend out for a birthday sweet at the end of the month. He loves his sweets, I love good coffee and tea. I thought about Lark and Jin, but does anyone else have any ideas?

Where can one get a great cider or similar on west side?

may not be authentic enough, but right now le pain quotidien has tasty organic spiced apple/ginger cider, non-alcoholic, hot or cold. there is one on san vicente/26th, one in the upper brentwood village, another in beverly hills near the rox san, and one on santa monica blvd. near the promenade.

Pho 99 in Brentwood closed!

thanks to everyone! i'm so glad it isn't gone.

Pho 99 in Brentwood closed!

Thanks to both of you for replying! We too were surprised, having been there a couple weeks ago when it was packed. The Chinese Buffet in the same strip mall closed down too, and it was almost always doing a good business....

Pho 99 in Brentwood closed!

Does anybody know of a decent Pho spot on the west side?

Family Birthday Brunch Sunday Westside-Help!

sounds perfect! thanks!!

Family Birthday Brunch Sunday Westside-Help!

Not to sound dramatic, but I'm trying to come up with a tasty brunch spot to eat with my family. We like anything delicious, good service a must. Complication is my mom is a stroke survivor with limited mobility, so valet parking is important.


Romantic Birthday Dinner

My birthday is at the end of the month, and I know my b/f is going to ask me where I want to go....

It would be fun to try someplace new, and not TOO expensive. Anything dark, moody, good service, creative menu, is great. West Side, Pasadena, Downtown, Los Feliz, Silverlake.


Best Chai Tea in WLA

Coral Tree Cafe on San Vicente is good. Also, you can ask Peet's to brew chai for you with a side of steamed milk. Tasty.