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Fried Oysters

Had amazing fried oysters at Egg in Williamsburg, was an appetizer special and they were fantastic.

Jul 09, 2008
audrita in Manhattan

Dine in Brooklyn--2008

I don't know the offerings at Ici this year, but just made reservations because last year's DIB dinner was excellent. Was crowded, but every course was great, cannot wait to go back.

Mar 13, 2008
audrita in Outer Boroughs

Moving to Greenpoint. Recs???

great recs everyone! i'll just add that the polish soups are excellent, and after sampling a ton in the neighborhood, my favorites are the tomato and mushroom soups at antek (norman just off manhattan), and everything at basia on nassau is excellent. the tomato soup at antek has little spaetze type things in it that i could eat every day, and pretty much do.

May 23, 2007
audrita in Outer Boroughs

DineIn Brooklyn- any sleepers?

Just posted a summary of my meal at Ici last night before seeing this thread, but it was fantastic, the food options were great and the portions large, I am usually tempted to do the regular menu once I sit down, but no need last night.

Mar 22, 2007
audrita in Outer Boroughs

Ici for Restaurant Week

Had dinner last night at Ici to try their Dine in Brooklyn menu, and it was fantastic. It is a tiny place, and our only complaint was that they were really packing people in, so service was scattered and they seemed overwhelmed, but were kind and apologetic about it. Reservations definitely a good idea.
So, the choices were:
1st course- soup of the day (carrot ginger soup) or spinach salad with goat cheese and citrus slices of some sort.
2nd course- skate with collard greens in brown butter; roast berkshire pork over grits, brussel sprouts, and bacon; or rigatoni with walnuts and greens (they described that one better, i just don't remember exactly).
3rd course- panna cotta with pomegranate, and the 2nd choice was supposed to be a brioche and butter pudding, which sounded like my dream come true, but when it came time for dessert, they had replaced it with a chocolate pot de creme.
I went with a few people, so had a chance to try everything, and it was all fantastic.
The skate was lemony and perfectly cooked, the pork tasty and the grits and bacon underneath were heavenly, and the veggie rigatoni option was also good.
I was also very impressed by the large portions and selection (I always expect small ones during restaurant week, or inferior menu choices), and there was none of the attitude you hear of at other places. Also felt like a great value, since most entrees on the regular menu are over $20, for all you get, it is a fantastic deal.

Mar 22, 2007
audrita in Outer Boroughs

Spicy and Tasty Dish Recs

what's that like? made with fattier pork belly, or more meaty?

Mar 08, 2007
audrita in Outer Boroughs

Spicy and Tasty Dish Recs

just went to spicy & tasty last night for the 1st time (after compiling a long list of favorite dishes from all of you), and had a really great time. the staff were extremely nice, which is something i don't often expect in manhattan's chinatown, and most importantly, the food was both spicy and tasty. i loved the cold bamboo appetizer, really great flavor packed into each bite, and a tofu dish with spicy minced pork was also amazing. i didn't see the ma pa tofu, so was happy that our choice was so good. dan dan noodles were very good, the little pieces of pork add great flavor, but will check out the cold noodle with chili next time. scallion fried rice and the potato with green peppers were our non-spicy dishes, and both were good, but not amazing. will definitely go back, and excited to try different dishes on the next trip.
also stopped for "dessert" at this window on main st with single rolls of peking duck for 75 cents, a great way to end the night, and the duck was crispy and not too fatty, which is how i like it.

Mar 02, 2007
audrita in Outer Boroughs

tribeca grill- fancy or casual?

going to tribeca grill, and am finding some conflicting information on atmosphere. i assumed it was nicer-casual, but want to make sure i'm not underdressed for dinner. any info appreciated!

Jul 11, 2006
audrita in Manhattan