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Easygoing First Date Places?

Chatterbox Pub in Highland is awesome for a first date. They have tons of board games and old school Nintendo games to pass the time with while still getting to know your date. Plus they have a variety of meat/vegetarian/gluten-free foods to accommodate many dietary preferences. They also have multiple locations.

Wong is ok in LoTo but MN Saloon, Sakura, or Burger Bar are also fine choices. (Sakura has a great happy hour.


Muddy Pig on Selby-Dale is also a fine choice - boardgames plus ability to have private booth or patio socializing are side benefits to a fantabulous beer selection.

St. Paul Whole Foods is moving to the corner of Snelling and Selby.

I rarely comment but HAD to on this one. People who are claiming to never have smelled the strong fish odor at WF in St. Paul need to get their olfactory nerves checked, pronto. It is BAD on some days. The only good thing about it is that it gets me out of there quicker and probably saves me money in the long run.

Vegan-friendly recs in MPLS/Bloomington

Veg Guide is a GREAT resource for veg and vegan-friendly restaurants. It is a resource for all cities, but it was started here in the Twin Cities by a local group, so there are a TON of MSP restaurants reviewed.

Triple Rock has awesome vegan bar food: nacho cheese, mac and cheese, vegan sub sandwich, etc.

Hard Times Cafe is nearby and is all-vegetarian. It has a crusty-punk feel to it and is cooperatively run, but almost everything on the menu can be vegan and it has a heavy emphasis on breakfast food. Best Vegan biscuits and gravy ever.

Bravo Cafe & Bakery in St. Paul is 100% vegetarian as well. It's a small family run bakery with Asian fake-meat dishes. Random, but delicious. Great sweet and sour "chicken" and other such dishes.

We also have decent pizza selection: Pizza Luce has vegan options by way of mock duck and Daiya cheese, Galactic Pizza also has Daiya for vegan cheese. Punch Pizza is great without cheese and minimal toppings - like only basil or maybe some eggplant or garlic.

Right now, though, far and away my favorite restaurant is On's Thai Kitchen. On (the owner and main/only? cook) will make almost anything vegan - no fish/oyster sauce. Great mock duck dishes. Brave the construction to make it here.

Galactic Pizza
2917 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Pizza Luce Downtown
119 N 4th St Ste 508, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Bravo Bakery
1106 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Hard Times Cafe
1821 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

Punch Neapolitan Pizza
769 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

On's Thai Kitchen
1613 University Ave W,, St Paul, MN 55104


I'm vegan and a foodie.

The Triple Rock is melt your face vegan nacho cheese and other awesome bar food that is carnivorous and vegan. "The Motherbiker" breakfast is one of the best experiences anyone can have. Herbed tofu scramble with homefries smothered in vegan nacho cheese with veggie sausage and fresh jalapenos as add-ons.

On's Thai Kitchen is delicious Thai food, and Chiang Mai Thai is another safe fish-sauce-free option.

Evergreen rules for everybody involved. Three Cup Tofu and lemongrass mock duck are amazing.

Bravo Cafe is an all-vegetarian bakery that happens to serve all-vegetarian/mostly vegan Asian food like sweet and sour "chicken", etc.

Senor Wong's in St. Paul has amazing "Mockos" aka mock duck tacos.

Pizza Luce is pretty good, too; Galactic is 'better' if they like the Daiay non-soy cheese which is delicious.

I got more, but that's off the top of my head.

Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant
3001 Hennepin Ave Ste A, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Senor Wong
111 East Kellogg Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55101

On's Thai Kitchen
1613 University Ave W,, St Paul, MN 55104


Midway Cub has it for sure - University and Pascal in St. Paul.

On's Thai Kitchen

I can vouch for this BYOB; I was in there the other day with my husband and this couple next to us had a couple of beers from across the street. We even got them to pour us a bit off of their beers while we waited! It's great.

What metro area liquor store has the best liquor section?

Big Top Liquors in the Midway: Snelling & University, SE Corner.

vegan desserts

Whole Foods has cakes from Chicago Diner, and they could make their own.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake has DELICIOUS vegan cheesecake -- it's no key lime pie, but it is yummy.

Mississippi Market, a local co-op could possibly make a special order along with any local co-op. You could also call around at various bakeries -- many pies are vegan already.

Best bĂșn (Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad)?

Is the Energy Pk Pho 79 back to being great for their salads? I used to absolutely LOVE their rice noodle salads because they used a ton of fresh herbs -- and still really cheap. Then they started to skimp and altogether leave out some of the fresh herbs to the point where it was not worth it. Noodle-heavy and light on freshness.

I will have to give them a try again soon -- it has been years.

Pho 79 Restaurant
2233 Energy Park Dr Ste 800, Saint Paul, MN 55108


Man v. Food did come to Mpls:

His big challenge was the meterbratwurst from Gasthoff's, and he also stepped into the Jucy Lucy war and went to Brasa.


Midway Cub on University & Pascal has it in the ethnic food section. Pretty sure that Kowalski's has it too.

Surly on Tap

The Triple Rock currently has 3 Surly Taps: Coffee Bender, Furious, and Hell. I love the Triple Rock, but if you've never been there, know that it is a punk rock bar that serves food and has a music venue attached to the main bar.

Triple Rock
629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

St Paul delivery?


Uh, just an FYI Eden Pizza is a tasty local joint that delivers to the Midway area. Lifesaver for me when I lived in a "dead zone" for a while. I was near Como Park and one block out of Pizza Luce's delivery area.

New Asia also delivers in this area. Craptastic greasy Asian food. I've had similar experiences with Kim Huoy Chor. Depending on how east of Snelling and North of 94, you may be in the delivery area of a Papa John's.

While they don't deliver, you can get takeout from Fasika; delicious Ethiopian food.

Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant
510 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Pizza Luce
1183 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Eden Pizza
629 Aldine St, Saint Paul, MN 55104

New Asia
474 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Kim Huoy Chor
1664 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Please Help Plan our MSP Foodie Weekend!

Late to this post, but thought I'd throw in Fasika in St. Paul in the Midway. Tasty Ethiopian food, reasonably priced. (At least I think so.) The veggie sampler is the best!

147 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

Help with restaurant for multiple tastes--MSP

Evergreen on Nicollet is great. I'm vegan but not allergic to gluten, but I have a veg friend who is allergic and she can get foods there. (At least this is my understanding. I'd research it to make sure.) They also have meat stuff and while it's Taiwanese and not standard meat and potatoes, much of the food is not spicy at all.

Ecopolitan is all raw/all vegan and should has a good selection of gluten-free stuff. It may sound scary, but my meat-loving [often vegan food hating] stepfather loved the "rawsagna" and a few other things there.

Good Earth in Roseville can also be a nice middle ground area to meat with more traditional foods as well as vegan/vegetarian foods.

I've been meaning to try Cafe Agri because it looks like an interesting, more upscale approach to vegetarian and vegan dishes. It has a trout dish for meat eaters, according to the menu, and uses local gluten-free madwoman breads for their breads. I haven't read reviews yet, but it might be worth looking into. Everything else appears to be vegetarian and many of the dishes appear to be vegan.

--> can't find a link, but Cafe Agri's info is:
4300 Bryant Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota
612 822 3101

Again, I'm vegan but not gluten-free so I don't seek out the gf stuff. Just trying to name some places that might suit everyone's needs. Good luck!

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant
2424 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

2409 Lyndale Ave S Ste 4, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Good Earth Restaurant
1901 Highway 36 W, Saint Paul, MN 55113