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Help: ISO Early Coffee / Breakfast (7am) near Yonge and Eglington

Le Gourmand opens at 7am :)

The best make your own salad spots?

I second Salad Creations. They also have seasonal toppings and frozen yogurt also.

Weekday breakfast downtown at 6 am

not exactly the greatest, but Fran's is open 24hrs and they have a location at Yonge/college and one by the Eaton centre.
There's also Golden griddle at Yonge/Carlton

Weekday breakfast downtown at 6 am

whereabouts downtown?

details about Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a fantastic little vegetarian cafe offering soup, salad, both savoury and sweet crepes and tasty cookies and dessert squares. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading as most days it is relatively quiet and not overly busy. I would definitely recommend lunch there (especially their soup and salad combo deal) unless your lunch party is very large as the dining area is a very small room that probably fits about 12-15 at max. Hope this helps :)

Linda moving

I'm having dinner there tomorrow night, any suggestions as to any specific items I should definitely order from the menu? I think I've heard good things about the Crispy Duck entree. I'm having dinner there with my SO also. Do you recommend that we both order the prix fixe or should one of us opt for the regular menu items?
Thanks :)

brown rice sushi?

There's a new fast-food sushi joint called Sushi Shop on the south-east corner of Yonge/College that makes brown rice sushi. I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment on the quality.

March Break Lunch Quest - under $10, awesome soup or salad

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

March Break Lunch Quest - under $10, awesome soup or salad

I definitely recommend Hibiscus in Kensington for their vegetarian soup and salad combo for $7.50 tax included.

Pastries near Eaton Centre

How about Richtree at the bottom floor of the Eaton Centre food court?

Valentine's w/o reservations at Beer Bistro or Volo?

Well last Friday I called in to Volo to make a reservation for a table for 4 at 7pm, but they informed me that they don't take reservations and usually its just first come first serve. I'm not sure if they change their policy for Valentine's Day? However, we went at 7pm anyway and just had a couple of beers to start off at the bar area while we waited for our table. We didn't really mind since it was a short 15 min wait before they seated us. As the night went on, the dining area was still full but a lot more people came in to drink at the bar rather than eat dinner.

lemon tarts/squares?

since dufflets has a couple of lemon cakes, are you referring to the lemon parfait cake under their signature collection?

thanks :)

lemon tarts/squares?

I'm located downtown around U of T, so I'm open to any place isnt too inaccessible from the subway line.

Thanks for the suggestions so far! :)

lemon tarts/squares?

Hi everyone,

My close friend's birthday is coming up and he's a huge fan of lemon desserts, more specifically lemon squares/tarts (as opposed to lemon meringue pies) and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find the best ones in the city?

Thanks for all your help in advance. :)


team dinner on a sunday night?

Hey thanks for the quick response :)

Budget would probably be less than $30 per person, preferably $20 or less if possible since we are all poor students
no preferences on cuisine as long as its good food
and it will be 25 people for all of the dinners

team dinner on a sunday night?

Hey montreal foodies :)

My dragonboat team and I are from out of town but we will be in town next weekend for a race.
We are staying in a hostel on 4136 Henri Julien and I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for great food in that area?
In addition, after our race festival ends, we want to celebrate with an end of the season dinner and I wanted to know if anyone knew of places that would accomodate our party size of 25 people and also offer quality food at a reasonable price?

Thanks for all your help.


Good Bakery for a cake in the annex?

mmm.. the cakes on the website looks amazing.. i need to get a birthday cake soon but I can't pick from all of the choices..
what are your favourites? :)

Source for unroasted/green coffee beans downtown?

Wall street cafe on Carlton/Yonge (across from Days Inn and Maple Leaf Gardens) has green coffee beans and they also only support fair trade :)
Also, i think there's currently a promotion for Buy 1 Get 1 free for bags of coffee beans!