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Prom Restaurants in Birmingham.

Yeah we said those and romano's too. We also suggested maybe TGIFriday's or Longhorn. Since we are trying to keep them out on 280 since their prom is out that way! Thanks soo much! I will find out if they have started re-discussing it again lol.

Good Chinese Takeout in and around Hoover, AL area

I moved back about almost 6 years ago. There was a place we would get awesome take out chinese food and they moved to a bigger space and opened a buffet and then just disappeared. I know that's been like 2 or 3 yrs ago. Still been trying to find something nice and inexpensive takeout wise in the hoover area. Even though right now we are about to move down to southside. So any help on these two areas Hoover and Southside would be great. I know I am really into mexican and chinese, but even being a native birmingham girl I just have no idea since most of the places have changed since I moved back. I like Hunan Garden out here in hoover its got some good chinese but it is kind of pricey. Oh and I wanted to know if anyone knew of any place that makes or has a popcorn stand? I saw some on vacation and it was good and I have been craving some since I got home. Thanks!

Prom Restaurants in Birmingham.

Okay I am trying to help out my sister and her friends. They are going out to dinner for prom but the problem is one of the girls wants italian. The rest of the party (the girls and their dates) don't want italian. They really wanted chinese. So, I am trying to find something that will make them all happy. I do not know what would be good for them I have made a small list and if you have any suggestions. I think as long as it has some italian dishes that would be fine or at least pasta. Thanks!!!