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Restaurant with a View

Thanks everyone! I'll definitely look into those options! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Restaurant with a View

Hi All -

A friend is coming to visit from NYC over the holidays and would like to dine at a restaurant with a "view" in Baltimore. Does anyone have any recommendations.

The only place coming to mind right now is Rusty Scupper - is that place any good? I remember it being "The Spot" when I was kid - my parents went their on anniversaries etc....

Thanks and Happy Merry ChrismaHannuKwanzakah.

Good Fudge in Baltimore/Columbia area?

Thanks all - I went there and agree! ;D

Good Fudge in Baltimore/Columbia area?

Hi All -

Looking for recommendations on where I can find some really good peanut butter fudge for my boss's birthday.

Thanks in advance!

Creating a DC/Baltimore Sticky -- Your feedback

I second the Crabs, Crab cakes and seafood suggestion - only don't limit it to just the harbor. Is it possible to do one listing for the harbor and one for in general?

Also, I think Brunch and special occassion/ambiance locals should be added.

Apr 09, 2008
hoodalum97 in Site Talk

Georgetown Cupcake

Ok here's an update

So after being told to "just come over at 11am when we open" because they no longer take orders, unless for catering, my co-worker and I get there at 11:30 am only to be greeted by - you guessed it, A LINE OUT OF THE DOOR!!

Overall Opinion - A close "cousin" to the NYC originals that just crumble when you take a bite!

We ordered:

- red velvet (overall YUM, pretty moist, the icing is very rich - kinda reminds you of the Cinnabon creamcheese icing, so it's great the cake is somewhat lacking in flavor)

- Vanilla w/ Vanilla buttercream - same as above, minus the flavor part

- Chocolate w/ Vanilla - very yum!!!

- Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Hazelnut (seemed popular, they were only down to 3), and Chocolate 3. We haven't sampled these yet so we can't offer commentary. They should really rethink the advance order thing because the person behind us ordered 6 of each available flavor. There was a small line behind us as we left.

As for the staff - overall pleasant but some seemed rather flustered/overwhelmed. They also don't move w/ the greatest speed.

Baltimore - Nice place for 50th Anniversary dinner

Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art. On Tuesday's they have main courses at reduced prices as well as wine. They also have live jazz and weather permitting, outdoor seating in part of the adjacent topiary gardens.

Georgetown Cupcake

Did you try emailing them. I took a stab at calling earlier this afternoon and got someone on the phone. I was surprised though b/c the website says they are closed today.

I really hope these cupcakes are on NYC really seems like they didn't do a thorough plan for handling demand etc...

Georgetown Cupcake

Hi all - I'm new here....moved back from NYC where finding a great cupcake is an easy accomplishment! :) Anyway, I just gave them a call b/c I'd like to pick up a dozen or so to celebrate a couple of co-workers birthdays.

NO ADVANCED ORDERS - unless catering a large party/event. Instead they recommend you come in first thing when they open to pick what you'd like (I asked for 1dozen). This varies greatly from Magnolia (who's not as good as they used to be) and Sugar Sweet Sunshine (both in NYC). They are both very small spaces, take orders, AND place limits on walk-ins. I think this place should try to do the same if it wants to continue it's booming success...either that or be taken out by TRUE competition in the area (whichever comes first).