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Large format dinners in Boston

Hoping to bump this discussion back up; any thoughts?

Oyster Prices

Also, I believe most of the oysters that you find in the south are wild oysters and not farmed. Aquaculture is expensive--between equipment, seed stock and labor; its a lot cheaper harvesting wild, rather than growing your own, but then you aren't guaranteed a consistent product.

Island Creek charges $1.50/piece in their retail store, so their wholesale to restaurants is probably somewhere close to $1. Anyone serving $1 ICOs in not making any money on the deal, they're just using it to get folks in the door.

The Ten Most Annoying Habits of Fellow Diners.

Here's one for you: the Fighters! Nothing worse than sitting next to a couple who are airing their dirty laundry in public. Its uncomfortable for their fellow guests, and terrible for the waitstaff

Sel de la Terre Back Bay: CLOSED

any word on if espalier will be honoring SDLT gift cards?

Pastrami in Boston that approaches Katz's?

Russo's was doing samples of a hot pastrami this past weekend. They don't sell it to go, but use it in their sandwiches. Pretty tasty, I thought.

Best Bloody Mary & Pimm's Cup?

We were in town recently and had the bacon bloody mary at Bar Tonique and it was out of this world. Not as thick or chunky as your traditional bloody, it seemed more like a tomato water base and it was just delicious.

Nov 27, 2012
Wannabfoode in New Orleans

Galatoire or Commanders Palace

We wound up doing both--Galatoire for the famous Friday lunch and Commander's Garden Room for Sunday Jazz Brunch, so I feel we got the best of both worlds. Galatoire's was obviously a far-more leisurely experience: loved the oysters rockefeller & the crab maison. Entree was not as fabulous: sweet potato cheesecake was TO DIE FOR DELICIOUS! . We got a kick out of the "show" at both spots.

Nice turtle soup at Commander's and the sherry table-side spike was a lovely touch. For brunch we had their pulled pork over biscuits with poached eggs: completely over the top and heavenly. W really wanted to hit some of the famous spots, so thrilled to have picked these two, and not Brennans which I hear is on the decline.

Nov 27, 2012
Wannabfoode in New Orleans

Where to go when you're craving Uni's sashimi but don't want to break the bank?

The subject kind of says it all: I love the flavor comibinations at Uni--in particular the gorgeous blends of citrus and chili with perfectly chilled fish. But I can't always afford to splurge on a 200 dollar meal. Sooo,. Where can I go (and I know it won't be the same) that will feature interesting combinations of raw fish and bright, fresh and spicy flavors?


Galatoire or Commanders Palace

Two Yankees heading south for a whirlwind eating tour; we could use a little help with a particular question. We are looking for a really nice lunch out--we want to get dressed up and linger over classic New Orleans cuisine in a historical environment. Sooo...which is your vote: Galatoire or Commanders Palace, and what MUST we order? Thank you!!

Nov 12, 2012
Wannabfoode in New Orleans

November 2012 Openings and Closings

OH NO! That's terrible!

where to buy corn husks for tamales

Whole Foods at Fresh Pond has had them

Boston Dish of the Month (Oct 2012) - Voting


Heartbreakingly preppy, Brahmin restaurants?

Second The Sail Loft. Pearls and Twin Sets, khaki pants abound. Actually if you can avoid their annoying bar scene, their fish and chips are pretty good, although their chowder is abysmally thick

Who makes the best PuPu platter in all the land?

2nd the rec for the M&C eggroll. Soooo good

Lobster Dishes - Boston Dish of the Month August 2012

The lobster thermador at kitchen was excellent. and its available as part of their restaurant week menu

Where to find "lobster pie" similar to Hilltop's

I've seen something like this on the menu at Amrheins in Southie, although looking at their current website, doesn't seem to be on the menu. Worth calling and asking tho

Good seafood with numerous non-seafood options?

Recommend lineage in coolidge corner. Nice meat dishes, and they have a a seafood tasting menu which is quite reasonable priced

Kelly's, Sullivan's, or Bell Isle ?

Another vote for Belle Isle

Bar/lounge near Myers &Chang?

For a more loungy/club vibe try 28 degrees over on tremont st

ISO buns for Ippudo style pork buns

Thank you. Found them at Ming's on a second unrelated trip, must have been out of stock the first time around. Curiously labelled as "taiwanese hamburger buns."

no lobstertail in MA?

Section 6.32 refers to "Frozen Shell-on Lobster Parts" here's the whole text of the section emannths refered to...
(3) Prohibitions.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person or business to process frozen shell-on lobster parts in Massachusetts for distribution outside the Commonwealth unless the Division has endorsed frozen shell-on lobster part processing as an approved activity on the wholesale dealer permit.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to offer shell-on lobster tails or other shell-on body parts of a mutilated lobster for sale within the Commonwealth.
(c) It shall be a violation of 322 CMR 6.32 to:
1. Utilize any lobster for frozen shell-on lobster part processing, unless said lobster, before processing, meet the minimum legal size requirements established in M.G.L. c. 130, § 44, and;
2. To possess any lobster below the minimum size in the process area or freezers or at any location associated with the facility listed on the permit.
(d) It shall be a violation of 322 CMR 6.32 to freeze or offer for sale any shell-on parts of a lobster other than the tail and carapace.
(e) Use of other than live lobster for frozen shell-on lobster part processing is prohibited."

ISO buns for Ippudo style pork buns

Anyone know where I can find premade buns for pork buns in the ippudo/momofuko style? Struck out at Mings

St. Paddy's Day Events/Specials?

From Boston Magazine...

Whiskey lovers, listen up: Jamaica Plain’s Bella Luna will host a pop-up Whiskey Bar on March 13th, according to Grub Street Boston. The shindig will offer an array of whiskey (not moonshine, alas) from different regions around the world. To keep the booze from hitting you too hard, there will also be an Irish-themed cheeseboard, grilled oysters with pickled ginger, bourbon pecans, and short ribs. $30/person, purchase tickets at, Tue March 13, 7-9 p.m., Bella Luna is located in The Brewery Complex, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain,, 617-524-3740.

Puerto Rico-Fajardo Where to Eat

Hello, looking for recommendations of where to eat near Fajardo. We are staying at the Conquistador but would like to get off resort. Seafood, roast pork, mofongo, fresh local, delicious. Shack food to fancy all good. Also if you had a recommendation for one very festive evening, where would it be.


Let's make a list of bars without TVs

Neptune Oyster does have a tv, but its not often on

Shucked oysters for sale?

please do not use a screwdriver, that is a huge safety risk. an oyster knife should cost you know more that $4

Best Carbonara in town

Gotta disagree with the Tavolo rec. AVOID ! Soo disappointing; including overcooked/reheated pasta

other uses of heart shaped creme brulee dishes

pannacotta definitely. individual cheesecakes. for kids, jello

Jan 21, 2012
Wannabfoode in Home Cooking

Maine Shrimp on menus

Wanted to separate this out from the retail pricing thread...anyone had any maine shrimp dishes either on menus or as specials that they want to recommend?

Craft Cocktails UWS?

Hi, hoping you all can help. We are visiting New York from out of town for a few days next week. Our hotel is Upper West Side and we will be spending a fair amount of time in Harlem. Looking for cool bars to check out with interesting drink lists. In the past we've visited PDT, Death and Co Employees Only, and Painkiller and enjoyed them all. Any recommendations in UWS/Harlem? Thanks in advance!

Jan 10, 2012
Wannabfoode in Manhattan