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Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

I really like the Chef of India.
Good place for a nice lunch.
You can really pound back the butter chicken, and the saag paneer.
Curry beef?? gross

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

The food there at the moment is terrific!
Its halal so no neer available, which sucks becuase i love a cold one with my butter chicken

Best chocolate gelato - what's your opinion?

La Paloma.

St Clair and Lansdown.

Big Ragu is out of business already?

I really like this place.
The food was fresh and seasonal.
The Sausage and Rappini was great!!!
The sausage itself was terrific.

My fav. thing to do after a nice meal at the big ragu is to hit up La Paloma just a few doors over get some Gellato and take in a soccer game at the park just around the corner.

Best pizza in Toronto?

I really injoy Pizza Nova for like a once a week take out thing.
They really kill Pizza Pizza in taste and Value.

$9.99 large walk in special

Anyone been to Vagabondo or La Vecchia?

I really liked Vagabondo ( the one of Dufferin right?)
Food was great, amazing owner what more can you ask for !


Thats a good Joint..

Recently i have had the best pho of my life at the Golden Turtle On Ossington.
I have had a Pho Hard on for years and this is Mecca.

Pho Dau Bo is secong Pho Hung #3

The Big Fat Greek Buffet Mississauga

My wife went there for a business lunch and said she stuffed her face and that the food was good...
Pretty fresh and the Turnover is high, so the food doesn't get to dry under the lamps

First Rate Falafels?

I have to say that most places do not place the kind of time and effort that College Falafel does. All Falafels are made to order. Whenever i go into this wonderful spot on the corner of Ossington and College I get a warm greeting and a fresh Falafel. The Donairs are great aswell, my wife had one the other day and then went back the next week to have another from WOODBRIDGE!.

Great spot!

Sunday lunch near St. Lawrence Market

Kenny and Spenny's fav. deli!

Exotic Indian Cuisine Albion Rd West Of Hwy. 27

Tonnes of indian joints in that area!

Annex restaurants

Sushi on Bloor is great for the hustle and bustle,
Roof top at poppers pub is good for a pint
Aroma cafe is nice aswell

Sherway Gardens Sushi Stand

If i were you i would jump on the subway.... get off at Bathurst...go to sushi on bloor...
order sushi bronze...and a sushi pizza.....
Cheap and delicious!

A perfect day to start the GREAT PATIOS thread

The Drake HOtel!

Czehoski? or other cool resto with patio?

The Drake Hotel has the Sky Lounge....and the cafe for a patio...Great food....have the drake burger or a great brunch on the patio...

Also Shanghai Cowgirl has a great patio as does Not my dog...

All the placed mentioned are on Queen West.


The service at Duffs has always been great!
I have never had a bad experience besides the fact that i get wicked shits from the heat.

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

Sushi on bloor is decent
LIke for fast..take out.....lots of food for cheap..

Lebanese or Armenian bakery

I am from Montreal aswell and miss marche Adonise alot.
ARZ in scarborough... lawrence..east of vicpark is the closest thing to marche Adonise....

also Paramount is great aswell.

how about the worst burgers in T.O?

Well Mcdonalds is terible.

Best pizza in Toronto?

When it comes to chains: Pizza Nova has always hit the spot.
When it comes to indie: Il peasano on browns line in Etobicoke

Ghazale - College St

This is the only lebonese take away i know that does not have pickled turnip.

The smell of the place is amazing though..

Best, inexpensive Indian in Mississauga or Oakville...

In mississuaga there is no shortage of Indian (especially north indian) takeaway!
Missisauga has a MASSIVE indian community and you will sure to find plenty!

I would recomend some but the area that i know (Malton) is no were close to erin mills and dundas


Pho Hung.....Great in the city.
Pho Dau Bo in mississauga amazing!

Chinese noodle restaurants in Toronto?

I went to this place a couple months ago.
Wow..It was like eating a bowl of broth seasoned with startch...


best burgers in T.O.

Drake burger..Drake Hotel

Blue Menu New Products - What have you tried?

I am all abou the blue menu Korma Sauce!

best take-away gyros pita?

Messini's no to 4 am

Quiet drinks suggestions?

Smokeless joes on john

New Yorker looking for a good burger...

Regardless of how trendy it is.
The Drake hotels : Drake Burger is amazing...Served beef, aged chedder, bacon....OMG

Although i suggest ordering from the caffe.. Prices are high in the dinning area

Jewish Restaurant - anyone?


The end