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North/Mid Westchester recs for Pan Asian restaurant?

Looking for a place that serves sushi and has good options for non-sushi eaters? Okinawa Hibachi in Ossning? Kira Sushi in Armonk? Thanks,

Jan 14, 2012
TGO in New York State (exc. NYC)

City Hall area dining tips?

Will be in NYC for the day for meetings near City Hall. In my NYC resident days, I used to go to Joe's Shanghai when I had jury duty but it's been years since I've been downtown. Would appreciate any tips for great lunchtime places - upscale or not. Asian or Italian preferred since I will be with coworkers who seem not particularly adventurous (but I would push the issue for a fabulous rec). Thanks!

Joe's Shanghai
24 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Mar 07, 2011
TGO in Manhattan


I heard that Tony (the maitre d') from Valbella's in Greenwich is opening up a restaurant but I didn't get any more information. Does anyone have any details?

Oct 18, 2010
TGO in Southern New England

Looking for Yonkers/Bronx/Upper Manhattan recs

Anyone been to X2O or recommend a place on City Island? Looking to try someplace different. tia

Jul 29, 2010
TGO in Outer Boroughs

Mt Kisco restaurants

Has anyone tried the ethiopian or jamaican restaurants in Mt Kisco (near the starbucks)? I don't go there very often but I just noticed them yesterday.

Jul 01, 2010
TGO in New York State (exc. NYC)

DT Philly For New Years Eve

Funny timing - I am also heading to Philly for NYE and staying at the Sofitel. I've only eaten at the Del Frisco's in NYC and Dallas (the original, I believe). Steaks and service are really good although the Dallas one edges out NYC. They have a fantastic lemon cake for dessert that is HUGE.

Dec 30, 2008
TGO in Pennsylvania

2 days in Philly

Haven't been back to Philly since I graduated in 1991 and am heading there for NYE for 2 days. We are staying at the Sofitel and would love some recommendations for lunch on NYE and brunch/lunch on New Year's Day. We are happy to schlep wherever for good eats - Asian, Latin, Seafood, Italian whatever. Fancy to hole in the wall is OK. Would appreciate any suggestions - tia!!

Dec 30, 2008
TGO in Pennsylvania

Scouting the best empanadas in Westchester Co.

Would love to hear the feedback on these places. Is Little Paraguay Deli on the Harrison/WP border (in Silver lake, I guess?)? I have had empanadas from Little Paraguay (I think) and really liked them although it was years ago. Also are the empanadas from Quimbaya the typical Colombian style of fried cornmeal (vs. baked or fried dough)? I'm Colombian but prefer the Argentinian style much more.

I have tried the empanadas from Med a few times since they opened about a week ago. It's owned by an Uruguayan guy who had a chain of empanada shops in Latin America (I assume in Uruguay but can't recall what he said). It definitely has that feel of a branded sort of restaurant, which I don't mean in a negative way, only to distinguish it from a hole in the wall type of establishment.

They do have a huge variety of empanadas, both savory and sweet with a few specialties as well. We tried the traditional style (can't recall the name of it - ground beef, olives and some bits of hard boiled egg) which I really liked. We also had the Hawaiian (ham and pineapple). My husband loved it but I'm not a huge fan of that combination. We also had a dulce de leche, which is more like a fried square dough pocket with a dulce de leche filing. That was good too but my Paraguayan nanny said that it just wasn't right to call that an empanada.

All in all, I'm thrilled to have it around and am inspired to try the places adam mentioned.

Nov 12, 2008
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Med in Briarcliff?

Anyone know anything about an empanada/tapas place opening in Briarcliff on Pleasantville Road (where the Grandma's bakery used to be)? I drove by and saw some work going on inside and a big sign on the window. I would be thrilled if this place is even remotely good b/c I am a huge fan of empanadas but this economy seems like a terrible time to open a niche restaurant like that.

Oct 16, 2008
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Best butcher and cheese shop in WP or northern Westchester area?

I am having a special dinner party on saturday with friends flying in from around the country. I'm looking for a great butcher shop (for lamb specifically) and a great cheese shop near White Plains, Pleasantville or Katonah area. Also looking for a recommendation for where to buy truffles for a risotto dish. TIA

Oct 02, 2007
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Great butcher near JFK?

My husband has to pick up some friends next saturday at JFK and would like to know if there are any great butcher's nearby (or on the way back to Westchester) where he can buy some lamb chops? tia!

Sep 26, 2007
TGO in Outer Boroughs

Riviera Bakery vs. La Tulipe?

i'm looking to find a fun cake for a baby shower as well as some general desserts for the party. please share your thoughts on these two bakeries, or suggest alternatives. do they also offer catering (small sandwiches, quiches etc.)? tia

Jul 30, 2007
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Italian bakery in Stamford?

I had a fantastic cake with a cannoli filling from a bakery in Stamford with an italian name that is escaping me now. I have to bring a cake for an event and would love to find that bakery. . .can anyone please suggest a few that I might call to see if they sell them? Thanks.

Apr 30, 2007
TGO in General Tristate Archive

restaurant recs near Uniondale, Long Island

I have my 20th hs reunion coming up and would love some good restaurant recommendations for dinner beforehand. While I'm from LI, I am not familiar with Uniondale or anything nearby. We love all Asian cuisines, Latin and Italian and are not particularly price sensitive. Friend's husband is kosher so I'm guessing we'd need some vegetarian or fish options on the menu. thanks!

Apr 30, 2007
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Excellent Sushi in Greenwich or Westchester???

Had lunch today at Tokushin in Greenwich (on W. Putnam) and thought it was outstandingly fresh and noticeably superior to all the other sushi places in Westchester (haven't been to Nanase yet). I ate with a Japanese friend of mine who says it's always great and during the week it's a favorite of the japanese ladies who lunch crowd.

Jan 18, 2007
TGO in General Tristate Archive

best korean in Westchester?

I used to live in the east 30s and often went to the various places in Koreatown but have yet to try a Korean place up here. I'm very pregnant and craving some bibimbop and bulgogi so please give me some good recs! tia

Jan 16, 2007
TGO in New York State (exc. NYC)

Any recommendations for Indian or Thai restaurants that deliver to Chappaqua?

Ate at Bollywood Bistro last night and the owner told me they deliver. Depending on where in Chappaqua, you might be in the delivery area.

We really liked our meal, btw. I mentioned that the food came with a nice amount of heat, more than the usual, and she said that most indian restaurants in the US use a lot of dairy (ghee or heavy cream) in their dishes which cuts the heat a lot. They don't do that so the spices really come through. Plus they had some offerings on the menu that we'd only seen at Tangra Masala in Queens (indian/chinese).

Dec 21, 2006
TGO in General Tristate Archive

New Paltz Favorites

Would you recommend the Village Tea Room for a work dinner for about 8 people? We are looking for entrees in the $15-20 range, good but not fancy. I've been searching earlier posts and came up with the Egg's Nest, Mountain Brauhaus and Would Inn. Beso's sounded great but too pricey. Any suggestions would be very welcome. TIA.

Sep 13, 2006
TGO in General Tristate Archive

Quisp cereal in Pleasantville

For those Quisp aficionados, last week in my local Key Food, I saw a Quisp dislay rack. I didn't think that Quaker ever advertised or distributed this cereal around here but I guess they are starting.

Jul 17, 2006
TGO in General Tristate Archive