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Wedding at Roof Lounge Park Hyatt

Geat! Thanks for everyone's suggestions. We've added 'canoe' to our must see list. The view does look gorgeous (on the website at least)

Wedding at Roof Lounge Park Hyatt

Hi - my partner and I are considering having our wedding at the Roof Lounge in the Park Hyatt. Has anyone been to a wedding there before? Was the food decent? We are also considering C5 or the Gardiner. Thoughts on any of these, or other suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Houndworthy in Kingston?

I recently moved from Kingston. Luke's didn't impress me. Love Chien Noir too, but if you're into something different, you should try Aquaterra. I was skeptical at first (it's in the Radison) but the food was quite good and the wine list is incredible. If you're on the outskirts of town, Bella Bistro is quite good, too (Collin's Bay and Bath Road). Both the menu's can be found online, I believe. Enjoy your trip!