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Char Siu Bao

There are quite a few that have Dim Sum in the Orlando area (and central Florida). Check out for a good list of Chinese restaurants in Orlando.

Dec 14, 2008
mikestalder in Florida

Favorite restaurants in the Tampa Bay area...

China Yuan (on Armenia just north of Waters) is one of the best in the area. Also, there is a Dim Sum place called Ho Ho Choy on Fletcher Ave that is also good. My family and I also like the Golden Phoenix on Dale Mabry (Chinese/Vietnamese).

Jun 23, 2008
mikestalder in Florida

lookin' to cook in hong kong

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you haven't already gone, check out the HK Tourist Assoc. They have offered a market tour in the past that ended with a short cooking lesson. There is also a professional culinary school that gives day classes to nonpros, but they usually do it for groups of 10 or more. You might see if you could tag on to a group. Google it and see what you find.

Mike Stalder

ABC Chinese Seafood, St. Petersburg


The ABC Chinese Seafood Restaurant is located at 2705 54th Ave. N. #3 , St. Petersburg. Their phone is 727.522.1888. If you live in the Tampa Bay area check out for their list of top Asian restaurants in the Orlando/Tampa area. There's some more that are excellent and not on the list also. Try China Yuan on Armenia, just north of Waters.

Mike Stalder

Jun 05, 2008
mikestalder in Florida

Best Dessert Dishes in China

I also had the Mantou with condensed milk when I was a student in Nanning. The bread we had was steamed and you would dip it into the sweet, thick, condensed milk. Yum. We always had a great cup of very black coffee with it. For anyone in Nanning the restaurant is located on Bailong Lake in Renmin Park. (White Dragon Lake in Peoples Park). May not be there anymore as I was a grad student there in 1994

Greenville (could be Greenview) Noodle Company

Over the years I have been to Hong Kong many times and love it. I used to go to a place in the New World Center called Greenville Noodle Company (could be Greenview Noodle Company). Great food and great prices. The last time I was in Hong Kong it wasn't there. Anyone know what happened? In the 80's it was on the bottom level, and in the late 80's it was on the ground floor (or maybe a half level down). Did it move, close down???

Dim Sum & Boba (Bubble) Tea in Orlando?

Try this for good information on all things Asia in the Orlando/Tampa area
It is no an exhaustive list of places, but a good start. I live in Tampa and really like several places here that aren't listed in Asia Trend. The recently remodled "China Yuan" on Armenia (just north of Waters) is one of my favorites. There is a good tea/boba shop just a few blocks away on Waters (east of armenia). It's called "Got Tea". Lots of tea items as well as snacks.

May 25, 2008
mikestalder in Florida