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Desperately seeking artisan bread in Delray or Boca?

Try Grandma's Bakery on Military Trail in Delray Beach just south of Atlantic Avenue on the east side of Military. It's impossible to leave there without breads, rolls, cakes and pastry. They do all the baking for The Boys because it's part of the family.

Super Dave's Diner

Any Chowhounds tried Super Dave's Diner for barbecue?

Driving Route 60 from Yeehaw to Tampa

It looks good. Many thanks.

May 04, 2013
jackfact in Florida

Driving Route 60 from Yeehaw to Tampa

Is there anything Chowish along Route 60 from Yeehaw Junction to Lakeland or Belle Glade, before reaching US 4?

May 03, 2013
jackfact in Florida


Anything Chowish along Route 60 from Yeehaw Junction to Lakeland?

need review of the new "brooklyn water bagel" store in Delray

It's the real thing. They reproduce NY water in-store and make the bagels behind a glass wall for customer viewing. The bagel has the authentic taste and is chewy, but not too much so. The crust was exellent. Had Nova with cream cheese with ripe tomato and red onion. (VERY good) I think they've hit on the right formula. They have an extensive menu and many servers. Try it, by all means.

Cavo or Taverna Kyclades?

Without a doubt, Taverna Kyclades is excellent, authentic and a great value. Primarily a seafood restaurant, anything on the menu is well prepared and abundant. The salads are perfect, the kebobs and whole fish are done to perfection. I had scallops the last time I was there and they were very good. The Greek fries are super. By all means, try Kyclades. The owner is always hovering about, checking on service and the quality and you'll enjoy the complimentary dessert. (Galaktebureko) Try it!

Apr 03, 2008
jackfact in Outer Boroughs