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25th birthday dinner

I had easily the best meal of my life at Lucien and they currently have Ontario Deer as one of the mains also his Charcuterie plate is friggin awesome and should defintely be ordered.

Food Network: Canada vs US?

I saw the first episode andd it was awesome. Best new show in a long time.

Oct 07, 2008
acook1230 in Food Media & News

Store that specializes in British goods?

British Eats And Treats
Address: 83 Jones Street Oakville
Phone: (905) 465-2346

If you ever find yourself in Oakville this store is always busy. They are located near the lake in the south west area of Oakville known as Bronte.

Has anyone read "Service Included?"

Its alright, Its a little light and a little short but enjoyable nontheless. I may have enjoyed it more if her relationships interested me more.

Dec 29, 2007
acook1230 in Food Media & News

St. Clair West / Weston & Keele area

Hey this is a year old post but i followed it to this location and it was awesome. No liqour license is kind of weak but the food is amazing. Decor is zilch but if your with good people who cares. The food is amazing everyone at my table was so satisfied at meals end. We had #15 Phad Thai #19 GOlden Beef and #30 Glass noodle-something I cant rememeber-our food was simple, under 8 bucks a main and absolutely delicious. I had #19 and it was amazing my other two guests left the place talking about how full they were and how happy they felt. Enough said.

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

Thank You one and all (extra props for kaka). Chowhound rules!!! I am new to this site and absolutely love it.

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

I'm looking for a quality seafood store in the lakeshore/park lawn area or thereabouts I was told about a great one down there (dont recall the name) but the directions I was given were a wild goose chase.


Best Pho in TO

Thanks again thats awesome

Best Pho in TO

Great thanks I just signed up so I wasnt aware of the other thread thanks for your help.

Best Pho in TO

Hello One and All,

I am looking for the best Pho in Downtown TO any help would be greatly appreciated.