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Union Sq on a Monday?

Re: Annual girlfriend outing (5 of us, needing a table rather than bar seats) to view lights/windows around Union Square - budget to $20/person plus liquor or wine/beer.

Tragically, (a) it needs to be a Monday night, and (b) one person needs guaranteed preparation with no garlic (have had a problem with servers saying "sure" and then there's garlic anyway)

Where to dine, and/or can you answer any of these questions?

1) Is there a restaurant listing service that lets you sort by what's open on a Monday night?

2) Any suggestions for the Westfield Center?

3) If we went to Brandy Ho's, do you think they could follow through on omitting garlic?


Tonight Union Square under $150/2

CH please help? Last minute visit from friend will be at Donatello (Union Square) - we want fun nice dinner for two, budget $150 for 2 (not counting tax/tip).

We really want to be walking distance, i.e. no Zuni or Aziza. And she's not into sushi.

Frisson? Farmer Brown? (Left phone msg for Canteen any sitting - probably hopeless - and Ritz Carlton $68 menu)

Fun places for pre/post dining cocktails also welcome, THANKS

SF pre-theater: Rue Lepic, Cafe Andree, other around Post/Mason or 3rd Mission?

I am a brand new Hound and already addicted. Thank you for this site.

I need a nice (romantic would be great) resto for dinner Thurs 7/13 starting 5:30-6p that will leave us with an easy walk to Post x Mason theater -- or we could walk somewhere within 3rd/Mission hotel area and cab it to theater in a time crunch. Curtain is 8pm.

We're sated on sushi and he can't eat cheese and is not into spicy. Otherwise, anything goes within budget of around $120 for two including tax/tip.

I've read some nice things about Rue Lepic and Cafe Andree, comments? Any other suggestions? Thanks