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recommendations for chinese noodle soup?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

David, I've tried Tea Garden in FiDi (not my favorite - the noodles are too chewy, the soup is waaay to salty, and didn't taste too fresh). The other ones I've tried in Inner Richmond (honestly, I don't remember all the names) and the ones near Union Square all tend toward Vietnamese noodle soup. I actually love Vietnamese noodle soup, but wanted to find something that was more ... home-y (for me).

But now I have to try everyone's suggestions. I welcome more!

recommendations for chinese noodle soup?

My first post (yay!), because I'm desperate: Can anyone recommend a place for good Northern Chinese noodles/noodle soup? I've been to the the Taiwanese noodle place in FiDi (eh) and a bunch of places in Inner Richmond and the Geary/Taylor area near Union Square. But nothing has satisfied my craving for home. I like Legendary Noodle when I go to Vancouver (but the owner is Shanghai-nese, which was interesting), so is there anywhere in the San Francisco area that's like that?