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best immersion blender?

I love having a hand stick blender - for soups, dressings, dips, etc.

But my new Cusinart one just broke so I am going to replace it. I wasn't that thrilled with it actually. I make a lot of pesto and the blade was too high to properly chop the herbs. The mini-chopper attachment didn't quite do the trick for pesto either.

Does anyone have suggestions for another immersion blender?

And follow-up question: Do you have a food processor and what do you use it for?

Thanks! :)

Dec 03, 2008
kishka4 in Cookware

Santa Cruz -- A place for food and Final Four

I watched a Red Sox World Series game in the back room at Rosie's last fall. You can order food at the bar and get decent service at the few tables and chairs back there. Good food, good drinks and a nice atmosphere I thought. The kitchen staff kept coming out to check the score :)

Apr 03, 2008
kishka4 in California