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Canmore weekend experience

On Friday night, we dined at Treo. The décor is very simple; very clean, almost sparse, but not bland (although my partner thought it was too understated). We shared two starters – the yam fries and the scallops. The yam fries came with a garlic ginger chili dipping sauce on the side, and the scallops had a delicious chardonnay peppercorn sauce over top of them. The scallops were cooked very nicely – flakey on the outside, but still a bit firm in the middle – holding everything together. The yam fries were hand cut and crispy (but not crunchy). Both the dipping sauce that came with the fries and the sauce on the scallops went very well with the fries.

For the mains, we had the duck breast and the beef tenderloin. The duck was served with a pinot noir and thyme reduction. The tenderloin had a blue cheese crust topped with crispy onions. Both were served with baby carrots, asparagus and potato croutons. The reduction served over the duck was amazing. The first bite of duck was a bit on the tough side, but that was an outside layer, and the rest of the breast was succulent and tender. The tenderloin was phenomenal – cooked perfectly to a medium rare. The blue cheese crust added just a hint of blue cheese, not at all overpowering.

For dessert, we shared the blue cheese cheesecake. This was, thankfully, a small serving. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable, on the contrary – it was delicious, but we were both very full, and if it was a huge wedge of cheesecake cut from a 9” spring form pan, we would have had not choice but to finish it off and then, inevitably, burst open. I was worried that the blue cheese would be too strong in a cheesecake, but there was just a hint of blue cheese flavour – just enough to let you know it’s there. The rhubarb compote with cherries was a wonderful compliment to the cheesecake. The sweetness of the cherries, with the sourness of the rhubarb, provided a wonderful sensation for the palette.

All that, plus a $50 bottle of Malbec, and our bill was $140 before tip, which I thought was excellent value for such a fine meal. Highly recommend it!

May 03, 2008
philverine in Prairie Provinces

From the horse's mouth: Caffe Artigiano opening "around Feb 1"

Wow, thanks for the heads up on this. I tried one of their sandwiches today for the first time and was delightfully surprised. I got there late, so they were out of the lamb, but I had the chicken and brie, and found it to be deee-licious!

Two Questions: Electrolux Double Oven and cleaning stainless steel stoves

I have a stainless steel range. Almost everything wipes up easily with a soapy dish-cloth. Micro-fiber cloth or dry small-celled sponge works well to remove streaks. If there are severely baked-on stains around the burners, any sort of oven cleaner will do the trick to get them off. For best results (and this is regardless of stainless steel material or not) try to wipe up any spills before turning the burner on again, but that's not always possible.

Apr 04, 2008
philverine in Cookware

3 nights in Calgary - where to eat

I've never had a great meal at River Cafe. Go for the atmosphere, not the food. For higher end, Alloy is good, so is St. Germaine. Rouge is wonderful. I think Capo and Teatro would round out my top 5 (but you've already been to those two).

Apr 03, 2008
philverine in Prairie Provinces