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Poutine on the South Shore!

Wow did I hit an off day. Walked into the place about 12:45, very smokey inside (poor grill ventilation) There were about 8 other people b/4 me who had already ordered. I ordered a hot dog and the sweet potato fries ($6.25). It took 25 minutes to prepare my order as it seemed like it did for everyone else. Once gentelman actually had ordered the Poutine and asked for his money back because his lunch time was almost up. My observation was the owner Gino was doing his best to keep up with demand but the two other associates 1 at the cash register and the other doing fries just hung around. As far as the food the hot dog was okay and they actually had the nerve to put the sweet potatoe fries back in to be warmed which turned them into a soggy greasy mess. Will I go back - NO

Apr 03, 2008
nichan in Greater Boston Area