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Roadtrip - your road food ideas needed

Hey there,
So we're coming down from Canada, travelling from Atlanta to Nashville to Memphis, down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, to Mobile, then back to Atlanta. We need your suggestions for great roadtrip places to stop in at as we're travelling. Looking more at the diner end of the scale than the high end eating end. Breakfast, lunch, dinner... any meal suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 19, 2010
jennefer in Central South

Emergency - Need Good Filipino Restaurant

Family style is fine. Driving anywhere is fine (well, maybe except out to the 905) coming from downtown Toronto.

Emergency - Need Good Filipino Restaurant

Hey. Me again with another request. Mom's in town tonight, and Filipino would be great. But where is there great Filipino in Toronto?

Help re: dim sum in Markham

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and links to old threads! I'm looking forward to dim sum delights on Sunday!

re: why dim sum in Toronto and not Vancouver -- yes, yes, you've asked the right question! The Chinese in Vancouver is much better - as is most restaurant food generally. I'm from Vancouver but live downtown T.O., which is why I still don't know my way around Markham - which is silly, because the various Asian cuisines are my fave. My friend didn't ask for dim sum, but we always do dim sum in Vancouver, so I figured, hey, he's staying in Markham, there's great dim sum in Markham, let's do it. It was a good excuse for a foray into the heart of Markham, which will just open up new vistas.

re: the name of the szechuan place: There's no English-language signage, but if my memory serves me right the place is called Ba Shu Ren Jia. It's not at Steeles and Markham (sorry, my mistake), it's just east of Kennedy on Steeles, in one of those little plazas with a fish (ie, aquariums) store, an all-you-can-eat sushi place, maybe an appliance store. There's also a doughnut shop across the street.

Thanks again!

Help re: dim sum in Markham

Howdy. Long-time listener, first time caller. Hope you can help.

I've got a friend coming from Vancouver this weekend who is staying in Markham and I have promised to take him for dim sum on Sunday.

My problem is that while I know lots of spots for good dim sum downtown, I barely know my way around north of Bloor, let alone any good restaurants up there. (Well, except the szechuan place at Markham and Steeles, which we spend half-an-hour driving to up the Don Valley because the food is so so so good.)

Anyone have any good suggestions for where to take someone for great dim sum in Markham, somewhere near the Hilton Garden Inn on Commerce Valley Drive East (I don't even know where that is)?

Thanks in advance.

BEST cookie in T.O - Le Gourmand

Oh, yeah. I completely agree. The walnut chocolate chip cookie from Le Gourmand (any location) is the best. I get my caffeine from there every morning on the way to work and have to stop myself from getting a cookie every morning as well. They are so good. As are virtually all of their sinful treats, like pain au chocolat, those custardy pastry things, and their butery croissants.