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Kingston Suggestions?

Kokokobi is gone but there is a new ice cream place in it's place. I believe the name is Just good eats. Haven't stopped in yet though so I can't speak to its quality.

tripe or tongue in or between Hudson, Saugerties, Kingston?

I did try it, they sliced me off a couple pieces. It was good.

It was on the left in the case that holds the pork and whatever "deli meats" they have at the time...roast beef, pastrami, etc. I don't recall the price though.

tripe or tongue in or between Hudson, Saugerties, Kingston?

Fleischer's had beef tongue pastrami when I stopped in this passed Friday. From the conversation I had with my friend behind the counter I believe it will be a regular item now.

Best Burgers in Orange or Ulster County

I really like the burger at Boitson's in Kingston. Gets my vote for best in town.

Best restaurants near Lake Placid

My favorite place to eat in the high peaks is the eat and meet griil in Saranac lake which is about 15 minutes from Placid.

Oysters - along thruway NYC - Albany

This is the best choice for sure. Only an hour from Albany and the store is less then a mile off the thruway. They general have a couple variety of oysters available at any given time.

Best Romantic Restaurant in Woodstock Area?

I would say it is romantic. It is a converted house just outside Woodstock with a fireplace and beautiful old wood floors. It has retained the feel of a home to a certain extent. I've always found the food to be very good and have gone there on dates in the past.

Sadly I've not been to cucina so I can not give a fair comparison.

Best Romantic Restaurant in Woodstock Area?

I believe the red onion is open Tuesday. Close to woodstock, excellent food and at least one or two veg options if i recall correctly.

Best dinner choices in Malone and Saranac Lake?

My favorite place by a long stretch in saranac lake is the eat and meet grill. I dont think you mentioned how many are in your party but the dining area is VERY small. They do have a deck off to the side as well. They source out the best stuff the Adirondacks have to offer and present it in a very comfortable and agreeable manner.

Newburgh, NY

I live about 2 miles from there. Ive stopped in a bunch of times over the years for various things and never even noticed they had tamales. Sad to know that i'll now be driving to Newburgh when i could have just driven over the roundout!

Newburgh, NY

out of curiosity what was your place in Kingston?

Must-try stands at the Kingston Farmers' Market?

Freebird farms has, in my opinion, the best produce at the market. They have amazing chickens as well. Northwind farms always has a nice variety of meats available. The tamale stand is a personal favorite and i enjoy the mozzarella and breads that panzarella offers.

Kingston Suggestions?

The Stockade is a great, laid back place for a drink. The normal chain of events is elephant for food and then around the corner to the stockade for after dinner drinks.

It's very easy to get breakfast/snack/lunch at the farmers market. In fact i did it this past weekend. Grab something (I love the tamales from the block factory tamale stand) and walk around the corner to the peace park and eat in relative privacy.

Armadillo is another Kingston favorite and its proximity to the strand makes for a nice after dinner walk

Road trip from Manhattan to Cooperstown - where should we stop

Your best bet is to get off the thruway in Kingston and then take rte. 28 to Cooperstown. Kingston has a lot of dining options and the ride up 28 from there is very pretty. From the UWS Kingston is also a pretty good halfway point for a stop.

Deising's is about 2 miles from the thruway in kingston and has good breakfasts.

Le Canard is also near the thruway and has a $15 prix fixe lunch.

If this trip happens to be on a Saturday you could always stop by the kingston farmers market and get some veggies and maybe a rotisserie chicken from Fleischers and enjoy the spring weather with a picnic.

Whole duck in Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties area

Adam's in Kingston always has whole Bell and Evans frozen ducks on hand


Eat and meet in Saranac lake.

latest from elephant (kingston)

I had the lamb tacos last night and they were indeed fantastic. I also love the blood sausage dumplings.

Best cider donuts in Dutchess, Ulster or Orange County?

I've always been partial to dressel farms on rte. 208 just south of New paltz. Great cider and donuts.

Hudson Valley recs

You can take a bus from port authority to New Paltz which has a town you can walk around in with restaurants. There is also apple picking at several local farms as well as hiking a few miles away in the mountains. Your issue will be getting out of town to the farms and hiking trails without a car. You will most likely have to take on cabs.

To my knowledge there is no town in the hudson valley that has all of those things within walking distance of public transportation from the city.

latest from elephant (kingston)

I realize I'm a bit late to the party but those pea dumplings were fantastic. I went in about 4 times just to have them before peas were out of season.


Ive driven past this place a million times and never bothered to stop. I normally head over to deising's for a bagel but I'll be sure to give Sunrise a chance now.

Best Pizza in Dutchess County

There is an Antonella's in Hyde park as well.

Noon Mark Diner (Essex County, NY)

I love this place. I stop every time I head up to Saranac/Placid and again every time I'm leaving.

ISO Harissa, mid Hudson Valley

Stopped into Bistro to go on Rte. 28 between kingston and Woodstock yesterday and they had cans of Harrissa for sale as well as a good amount of other interesting odds and ends.

Dining Suggestions Near Saranac Lake

another vote for eat n' meet. The food is localy sourced whenever possible, reasonably priced and very, very tasty.

Best farm to table in the Hudson Valley?

welcome to the area!

Keegan ales in Kingston, in my opinion, is by far the best beer in the area and it's also a really fun atmosphere. They have three standard beers available at all times but often have other one offs available on tap. Ulster county, to my knowledge, doesnt have a true "farm to table" dining experience but we have plenty of restaurants that lean very heavily on locally sourced products many of which bob gaj mentioned. New world (which can be hit or miss) and the Red Onion are in woodstock and are worth checking out and use local products when available.

Be sure to spend some time at the kingston farmer's market on Saturday mornings and be VERY sure to try elephant soon.

Red Onion
1654 Route 212, Saugerties, NY 12477

Momiji Restaurant in Rhinebeck (?)

The Stone Ridge location of Momiji is, in my opinion, an order of magnitude better then any other Japanese in Ulster County. I'd be very excited if Rhinebeck is even better.

ISO Harissa, mid Hudson Valley

hmmm...wonder if the kingston Adam's moved it as well. Probably should have asked while I was looking for it.

ISO Harissa, mid Hudson Valley

So I stopped into the Kingston Adam's yesterday and did NOT see harissa. I'll report back if it ever pops up again.

ISO Harissa, mid Hudson Valley

I purchased a tube of it about 6 months ago. I'll try and remember to look next time I stop into Adams.

I am *fairly* sure they also used to stock tubes of it in the market at Gadaleto's in New Paltz but it's been a long while since I've stopped in their.