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Tobermory Dining Help

Just returned from a week in cottaging on Colpoy's Bay near Wiarton. Fell in love with Little Tub Bakery in Tobermory. I recommend the small butter tarts, large wild blueberry tarts and the AWESOME large egg custard tarts, not too sweet and absolutely delish.
We tried the Fish and Chip Place and enjoyed the local fried whitefish, batter was nice and light. Also tried the fish and chips at the Crow's Nest bar but wouldn't order it again , the batter was way too thick and kinda soggy.
To be honest nothing else struck my fancy when I was researching restaurants online so we bought fresh fish from Howell's Fish in Wiarton on two occasions and had the best meals at the cottage. Absolutely loved their smoked fish.

Howell's Fish
153 Division St, South Bruce Peninsula, ON N0H, CA

Looking to take some friends out (in etobicoke)

Royal BBQ on islington is good as long as they don't mess up your order. If you are willing to venture into misssissauga try out Pho 88 for pho and grilled pork and vermicelli. It is in the chinatown mall on dundas, west of dixie. Also Freshwood grill on lakeshore has great BBQ chicken and other organic meats.

Lucien, North 44, Pangea, Rosebud or Duncan House?

Skip David Duncan house. I like Le Castile another old school steak house in etobicoke but duncan house was very heavy handed on the sauces and generally bland. Even the asparagus was big and woody. Overall not worth the $.

Gingerbread cake or loaf in toronto?

I had the best gingerbread loaf a few years ago from Whole Foods in Washington D.C , ever since then I've been looking for it here in toronto to no avail. Does anyone know of a bakery that make a good dark gingerbread cake or loaf?