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Myth or fact - the crust ends of sliced bread help keep your next slice of bread fresher.

Just bought myself some sliced wholemeal bread, and it reminded me of a question which I've always wondered ... does keeping the crust ends of sliced bread in your bread bag make the next slice of bread fresher (i.e. using the crust ends like a lid/cap) ? Or does the next slice of bread go stale just as fast?

Silly I know, but interesting to me!

Oct 18, 2009
kickling in General Topics

Thought: Are vegetarians hit harder by alcohol?

Just a thought on foods here.

I've always wondered (being a meat lover myself) whether vegetarians, due to the foods that they eat (or lack of meat), can make them slightly more prone to feeling the effects of alcohol on their bodies? I've read cases where people have converted to being a vegetarian and suddenly coming up with worse and more frequent hangovers.

Now I know that everyone is different, and it really depends on your body size, gender, and how efficient your liver is, but I can't help but wonder whether the foods we eat can influence our body's reaction to alcohol? I have read some articles showing studies where vegetarians can have lower levels of certain vitamins such as B12 and vitamin D and even Omega3.

I know that eating greasy foods (usually meats - burgers, pizzas, sausages) prior to drinking helps reduce the apparent effects due to coating the stomach with oils and fats, but I'm more interested on whether anyone knows whether prolonged exclusion of meat is related to alcohol effects on the body.

Your thoughts?

Nov 04, 2008
kickling in General Topics

Iodized salt

Most people don't need to worry about thyroid issues due to an iodine deficiency, but it is for health reasons that in 3rd world countries they started iodizing salt and even the water.

Seafood is the best, otherwise animal items like egg and meat will be better than veggies. If you eat these foods regularly, I wouldn't worry. too much, stick with your sea salts.

Apr 09, 2008
kickling in General Topics

What does "separable lean and fat" mean?

Steakman is on the right track:

Seperable Lean - Meat with visible fat removed. Fat will still remain inside of the meat.
Seperable Lean and Fat - The original portion of meat, all fat included.

Apr 08, 2008
kickling in General Topics

Am I allowed to post a topic about my Food review site?

Hi all, I am new and I have read through the etiquette and I have notcied that promotion of businesses and restaurants is prohibited, but I have developed a couple of sites over the past couple of years (just amateur stuff) reviewing schnitzels and curries all over South Australia.

I believe it is just a guide to eating schnitzels and curries, and may be useful for travellers or residents.

Will my topic post be unwelcome?

Apr 03, 2008
kickling in Site Talk

Vodka spiking different types of melons

Thanks for your help everyone! Much appreciated!

I might get a golden watermelon and use apple schnapps... sounds good!

Apr 02, 2008
kickling in Spirits

What foods do you find disgusting?

Walnuts on their own can be very bitter, but it will vary according to type and how it is eaten. Personally, I think they are a tad bitter but when chosen properly they will compliment both savoury and sweets!

What don't I like? There's a gourd called Bitter Melon, tastes just as it is named. Oh, and also any offal that isn't in a pie... but otherwise, I will eat anything!

Apr 02, 2008
kickling in General Topics

Vodka spiking different types of melons

So, we've all heard of and probably even enjoyed a Vodka Watermelon (where you take a whole intact watermelon and fill it up with vodka and let it soak in), but I am searching for some help from anyone with comments and ideas on spiking other types of melons, such as Honeydew melons or Rockmelon/Cantalopes!

If anyone has had an attempt at spiking these other delicious fruits, or if you have theories to the success of spiking other melons, all will be appreciated!

Apr 02, 2008
kickling in Spirits