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Jalapeno stuck on my fingers!

same thing happened to me too, woe is to me!! :) i've not tried it for my hands, but for my food: vinegar always seems to cut the heat, as does lemon. and milk is good for the hot hot mouth. or if that fails, wear rubber gloves ha ha. good luck! x

Sep 20, 2010
makutamonster in Not About Food

Building a Better Sandwich Sealant

make your own!! it's super easy and at least you know what is going into it. julia child's recipe is fool proof and delicious! :)

Jun 29, 2010
makutamonster in Features

Korean Soybean Sprout Salad

true, they are blanched, but still hold their crunch. delicious!!

May 31, 2010
makutamonster in Recipes

What is one tip that you learned about cooking that was simple but made a huge difference? [old]

i feel like i arrived late to the party!!

i roll out pie crust between a piece of cut up old cotton (clean) bedsheet. i read it somewhere, maybe here. it works really well and you don't need to add as much flour to prevent it from sticking. also it doesn't stick to the countertop!!!

Jan 21, 2010
makutamonster in Home Cooking

cookbook search!!!! using "basic recipes" or formulas? [Moved from Cookware Board]

nevermind. one last search. found it. it's called.... "Ratio" duh.

Nov 17, 2009
makutamonster in Home Cooking

cookbook search!!!! using "basic recipes" or formulas? [Moved from Cookware Board]

i read about this cookbook where this guy (vague, i know) basically noticed that all recipes for cakes had similar ratios, all pancakes, all crepes, all etcs basically have the same ratio. he has made a cookbook that has all the basic formulas or ratios...

if you have heard of it please let me know, i have been googling and am all googled out!!
you'd be surprised how many computer books i get when you put "formula"!!


thanks in advance!!

Nov 17, 2009
makutamonster in Home Cooking

Home made hummous just not as good as restaurants

i know this is two years ago, almost exactly since this was posted, however this recipe mentions something that other people (at least in the past year have not) i have never thought about the order of stuff nor the processes of the food involved. give it a try...

Recipe submitted by trisa (, 08/12/07

Creamy Hummus, Restaurant Style

Ingredients (use vegan versions (

1 can chickpeas
1/4 cup tahini (from roasted seeds
) 1/4 cup lemon juice (not from concentrate)
4 or 5 cloves of garlic
olive oil
ground cumin


The secret to good hummus, and the difference between hummus and chickpea mash, is to understand what is really going on with the tahini.

What is milk? Milk is generally an emulsion of protein and fat in a water-based liquid. An emulsion is when you mix one liquid into another that don't generally mix, like oil and water when you make salad dressing. They're not dissolving into each other, but the little molecules of one are suspended in the other.

For dairy milk, it's an emulsion of animal protein, fats, lactose, etc. For soy milk and nut milk, it's the same thing, but now it's nut proteins and oils. But in all cases, the emulsion is where the creaminess comes from in "milk". If you have less water, you call it cream (either dairy cream or nut creams).

Tahini is sesame butter, and to make creamy hummus, the secret is to first turn that into sesame cream! To do that, you need to emulsify the tahini in a water based liquid first. This will NOT happen if you just put everything into a food processor all at once!

OK, so with that background, first put the tahini and lemon juice into a blender (I use an immersion blender) and blend away until it's frothy, white, and creamy. You can substitute a little water for lemon juice... experiment. This is your sesame cream! (If you added a lot more water and blended well enough, you'd get sesame milk.)

Now mince the garlic and blend it into the cream, and add some salt to taste. This is a basic tahini cream sauce that's actually really good on its own!

Now open the can of chickpeas, drain, and rinse them off in a strainer. Whenever using canned beans (except for black beans) it's good to rinse, since it removes the canned-beanie taste.

Take a handful of chickpeas and blend it into the sesame cream until smooth. Continue to blend in chickpeas a little at a time until the cream has thickened, but isn't too thick and is still pale (not the deep yellow of the usual chickpea mash). Add salt to taste.

You won't use all the chickpeas... much less than in many hummus recipes. For the above, I usually use about half of a 24 oz can's worth.

Scoop the hummus onto a plate, put a few whole chickpeas on top, drizzle good olive oil over it, and sprinkle some parsley and/or cumin on top if you like. That's it! It's best if served at room temperature or slightly warmer.

Aug 05, 2009
makutamonster in Home Cooking

local's favorites for sydney?

wowee! thanks very much! i can't wait to try them all! (will gain about 5-10 kilos for sure!!)
much indebted to you all! if you come to Queenstown NZ or go to LA, let me know as I'm from LA but live in Qtown... and got lots of recommendations.

local's favorites for sydney?

i'm coming to sydney for about a week with my partner and we're skimping on accommodation so that we can eat eat eat!

where are your favorite places to go, it doesn't have to be cheap or too fancy - or too expensive, but places that we just can't miss? something memorable?
if we were your best friends, where would you take us?

we pretty much eat every and anything... :)
any advice is greatly appreciated!